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Domains! What's old is new again!

By Vaughan Seifert / 10.2.2018 / SEO
Most of you have had your domains for some time. More recently; and in reality for quite a long time now, with new or existing ventures, procuring that great, "just right" domain name has proven to be... Read More

Announcing: The Redesign & Redevelopment Of BedVoyage!

Announcing: The Redesign & Redevelopment Of BedVoyage! Our sincere congratulations to Sharon Stuart, Angie Fritz and Wendi Hoffine of BedVoyage! Back in 2012 Sharon hired Efinitytech to design an... Read More

February 2016 Newsletter

Featured Website Congratulations to Rod Drivstuen on the launch and success of the Hide A Hose Website! Read More

January 2016 Newsletter

Happy New Year! Working toward a prosperous 2016 for you and ourselves. Read More

December 2015 Newsletter

Merry Christmas! Thanks to you, our excellent clients, we are happy to count 2015 a successful year! Featured Website - Ranger Tugs Please join us in congratulating Sam Bisset of Ranger Tugs... Read More

October 2015 Newsletter

Featured Website Please join us in congratulating John Kritsonis and Karl Lindor on the launch of their outstanding website!  Custom Efinitytech Design Read More

September 2015 Newsletter

When Does Your Domain Expire? Who Is The Registrant? Where Is It Registered? What Is The Username & Password? How Do You Find Out? Why Should You Care? A Sad Close Call: While preparing thi... Read More

August 2015 Newsletter

Saybr Contractors: Mobile Redesign With Projects! Please join us in congratulating the team at Saybr Contractors on the launch of their enhanced and redesigned website!  Custom Mobile... Read More

June 2015 Newsletter

Featured Website Please join us in congratulating Shop Joy Works on their outstanding Ecommerce Website! Custom Efinitytech Design Read More

January 2015 Newsletter

Happy New Year Thanks to our terrific clients, we are excited to close a successful 2014 and kickoff 2015. Featured Website Please join us in congratulating Mark Von Der Burg & VDB Estat... Read More

September 2014 Newsletter

MTR Western & Tulalip Luxeline We trust that everyone enjoyed a spectacular and successful summer! We are pleased to present two of the four sister sites of MTR Western! VSM Conten... Read More

February 2014 Newsletter

Go Hawks! We are extremely pleased to congratulate our beloved Seahawks on their dominant win of the 2014 Superbowl; the most watched US televised event of all time! This month we are pleased to pr... Read More

January 2014 Newsletter

NOTICE: VSM - Internet Explorer Incompatibility Due to extensive inconsistency in the IE browser family and incompatibility with current web standards; compounded by the persistence of the multipl... Read More

December 2013 Newsletter

Merry Christmas From Efinitytech! We are so happy to share another year with you, our great customers. We hope that you find our newsletters useful, and wish you a Happy New Year! Featured Webs... Read More

November 2013 Newsletter

VSM ALERT - IE 9 COMPATIBILITY ISSUE:  Recent updates to IE9 render it non functional for some functions in VSM. Please use Firefox, Chrome or IE 10 for VSM. FEATURED WEBSITE Read More

October 2013 Newsletter