With over 21 years and well over 500 website projects experience, Efinitytech has devised a uniquely superior and effective method of developing and presenting website designs to clients.

The customary method of presenting designs to clients is to prepare artwork and display that to the client in a JPG or PDF or other image presentation. This approach has serious drawbacks, which we learned from direct experience. These drawbacks manifest themselves primarily in the presentation software used to display the artwork. The main issues are due to the display around the artwork; although those are not the only problems. A design presented as a PDF may open with Adobe or a Browser or even some other software that the user may have installed on their computer. Even displaying the artwork directly to the client while in one's office and control introduces artifacts of the file type and display software. These issues create particularly devastating problems, delays and additional work, when the client finally sees the actual rendering of the website in a browser and had not expected the differences that the real presentation of a website has when finally viewed as a real website.

We experienced this problem ourselves many times and explored various paid rendering systems, all of which had serious drawbacks, especially only partially representing the finished product as well as being marked with their branding which was altogether completely unsatisfactory.

Upon reflection, we realized that VSM, our very own website development platform was the perfect solution! With this approach, we now build out designs to present to clients, which are precisely what they experience once the site goes live. This superior strategy not only completely eliminates misunderstandings and misrepresentations of website design presentations to clients; it also speeds up our development calendar by at least 2 weeks for every project!

This design and development strategy utilizing our own CMS platform enables us to accurately and precisely display designs to clients and allows us to take a design directly into production as it is already a functioning website!