Control Your Website's Cost & Content with efinityCMS

Efinitytech's proprietary content management software; Virtual Site Manager (VSM) gives you complete control over your website content.  With VSM you can easily manage every aspect of your site at any time of day because you are your own webmaster.

VSM is a comprehensive and fully integrated server-based content management system. Among the many benefits of VSM are: a lower total cost of ownership by eliminating the delay and frustration of relying upon third parties to update your website.

Advanced Content Management System

Upload photos, documents, build slide shows, pages, tables, photo galleries, links and much more.

Utilize our multi-level navigation manager, flash inserter, and other VSM tools and modules in a user-friendly, fully supported environment.

With VSM we give you total and immediate control over every aspect of your website without the hassle of coding as VSM requires no technical knowledge. We fully train each customer to use VSM and provide ongoing technical support for the life of your website.

SEO Search Engine Optimization Tools & Training

Ensure good placement in search engine results for your website. VSM gives you a complete suite of SEO tools. Every VSM site includes initial training in organic search engine optimization (SEO). We also provide organic and paid search engine optimization campaign management.

Find more information on our SEO page.

Add Features A La Carte, Anytime!
Automatic Updates

Always have current software! VSM is 100% web based.

NEVER download, update, upgrade, install, patch or pay for new software! All you need is a connection to the internet to use VSM and update your website.

It's simple, just login and start editing!