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Senior Designer / Web Developer

About Aaron

Aaron was born and raised just outside of Seattle in the suburbs of Kent WA, where he graduated from high school and went on to BIOLA University to study film in California. When returning home to Washington state, he continued his studies a bit closer to home. During this time, he and three friends from high school reunited to form an improv comedy group that traveled across the United States, performing at various youth events conferences between 2001 and 2015. During the early years with the improv group, he had various jobs such as a waiter, sales representative, and working for Kohler within Home Depots throughout the Pacific Northwest region.

In 2006, Aaron joined Efinity Technologies as a graphic designer and front-end developer. From the age of ten, he has always had a hobby of working with computers and teaching himself web development and design.

In 2010, he and his wife moved their family to Boise as a result of their love for the area and the additional flexibility related to homeschooling their children. Due to the nature of the business and his role at the company, telecommuting was a seamless transition and has had many upsides for the company as a result.

Aaron currently resides just outside of Boise Idaho with his wife and five children. He enjoys backpacking, bible study, and will never turn down a hot cup of coffee, a good movie or game. And of course, Aaron and his entire family are avid Seahawks fans. Go Hawks!