Cost Effective, Comprehensive Newsletter System

Efinitytech is pleased to provide and support a full featured Newsletter System that provides the primary services of the big name systems, such as Constant Contact, at roughly half their price! We can offer this extraordinary, supported service at this great price to our website clients, as it is an extension of our CMS which our clients can use seamlessly to achieve their Newsletter Marketing Needs.

Custom Newsletter Templates

Efinitytech creates a unique, custom newsletter template that matches your corporate identity and website design.  Within our CMS, an extensive newsletter management system allows you comprehensive customization of your newsletter messages and subscribers.

From schedules, to groups, to diagnostics, to history, the VSM newsletter system is fully featured for managing all your newsletter needs.

Subscribers & Groups

The VSM newsletter group management module allows you to create an unlimited number of groups and flexible organization of your subscribers. With our advanced import feature it's easy to transfer your subscriber list into VSM to carry out your newsletter marketing campaign.

After your groups and subscribers are in place you can schedule newsletters for any date and send to individual groups, multiple groups, or all subscribers. Your subscribers are automatically added to your newsletter list through the contact or sales forms within your website. This allows you to keep in touch with your website visitors after first contact.

Diagnostics & History

Our newsletter history module keeps track of every newsletter that has been sent out, each recipient it has gone to, and a detailed report on total newsletter responses.

The enhanced diagnostics allows you to check for duplicate subscribers, invalid e-mail's, duplicate group listings, and find errored or bounced e-mail's.


The Newsletter Schedule contains a treasure trove of information, and comparison to history of sending enabling you to ascertain what motivated and compelled users to open and click on links. You can even see who clicked on what links and how many clicks were made by individual recipients!

Custom Schedules for Each Newsletter

VSM includes a custom scheduler for all your newsletters. You can easily select the date, scheduler group, and the specific newsletter that is going out. The Scheduler allows for customizing the Subject, the Sender Name, and Preview Text to greatly impact the open rate of your Newsletter.

The schedules can be modified at any time before being sent out, giving you flexibility to adjust your newsletter delivery as needed. 

Easily Import Subscribers

With the newsletter subscriber import function within VSM, we have made it easy to import your current subscribers from multiple sources, including CSV files and Spreadsheets.

You can  organize your import into any group you decide and include the fields Company Name, Email, and Full Name.