"Working with Vaughan and the staff at efinitytech was great.  They helped us come up with a 1st class informative website.   They provided thoughts and ideas, to help us tell our story. I recommend them highly and will use them again in the future."

Brian Hollingshead, Owner
Everett Office Furniture

"We just completed our new website with Efinitytech and are so excited to have it live! Although our visual and content requirements were very high, Efinitytech managed to translate them into a very appealing and professional looking website that also works fantastic on mobile devices. We love how easy it is to make changes ourselves, (after some training from Efinitytech) and yet know we have the support when/if we need it.
Working with Vaughan, Aaron and Mark at Efinitytech has been a most pleasant experience! Their dedication and passion for what they do is exemplified by their unrivaled customer support and attentiveness to the specific needs of our business. We look forward to a long lasting and prosperous relationship with the crew at Efinitytech."

Filip Hantson
Flower World USA


"The Efinitytech group is a professional group, transparent, modest and get things done quickly and efficiently.  This is a refreshing change from website firms who tend to be on the dramatic side and filled with prima donnas."


Dr. Arif Khan, Founder & Principal Investigator,
NW Clinical Research Center

"I contracted with Efinity Tech to build a website for my new company and I am very happy I did. Working with Efinity Tech was a pleasure and I found that I received more value than expected, which was very refreshing. Our collaboration meetings brought out valuable marketing insights that went well beyond website design.

The experience and real world knowledge of effective marketing practices paired with beautiful site design and high level functionality was really fantastic. I highly recommend working with Efinity Tech. Special shout out to Vaughan!"

Warren Woodward
Woodward Renovations

"The Merciful Love Connection  is a very small 501-(c)3  that partners with a Refuge for adolescent mothers in Santiago Chile (El Refugio de Misericordia).  We knew nothing about websites when we started in 2006.Your Efinity techs built the site. They showed us how to use VSM to manage it with ease. When we were in trouble they were there. Though the tools made it easy to keep it updated we were outdated. A call to Vaughn and he gave me great suggestions about what we need to do.  We appreciate your excellent customer service and recommend Efinitytech to all who have limited or no knowledge of how the internet and internet sites work. 

Thank you for the service and support you have provided us during the last eleven years. We are also very grateful for the substantial in kind donation Efinitytech has given us each year."

Sister Yvette Mallow
Exec. Dir. Merciful Love Connection
Bothell WA

"The entire team at Efinity has been a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I appreciate that they take the time to listen to my concerns and help me come up with a solution. This is the third time we have worked with Efinitytech, which goes to show you just how good they are to work with. I would highly recommend Efinitytech, and look forward to working with them again in the future"

Jamey Ross
Marketing & Design Coordinator
Impact Analytical

"As a first time business owner, I have quickly learned that there are many, many challenges one comes up against when trying to get a new business off the ground. With so much that needs to be done, a fantastic website design, a major consideration, was something that I knew I needed help with.

The team at Efinity Tech was extremely helpful and supportive while I attempted to describe how I needed the site to function for my business, and the general aesthetic I was looking for. Working with them during the design process felt like a true partnership, and they ended up showing me a beautiful design that was so much more than I could have come up with on my own, but still felt representative of my business and my taste. I wasn’t sure how collaborative the process would be, and in the end I was very pleased with their methods.

I was impressed with their timeliness and how quickly they turned my project into a reality. They offered to train me in how to operate the control center for my site, so that I would have complete control over the content and look of my site in the future. Vaughan Seifert, especially, was readily available throughout the process to answer my questions and help me figure out which direction to go with for the design of my site.

Overall, I can’t recommend the experience of working with Efinity Tech enough. With so many areas that require a business owner’s attention, it is such a relief to have strong tech support, and to have the help of experts during the startup period. Efinity made it so much easier to get The Playroom Fairy up and running!"

The Playroom Fairy

"Truly, I cannot say enough good things about the people and work this company does. I felt they really took good care of me and kept me informed every step of the way.

I found Vaughan to be most professional and friendly as well as very helpful with any issues I had.  He was especially patient with me being someone who is not at all technically inclined.

The creative team are so good, I feel as if I have one of the most attractive cleaning sites here in the Puget sound area.  Also I feel my website  is very easy to use and this is so important to me because I am older and need simple and easy when I use a website, so this means a lot to me.

My website went live only a month or so ago and I am starting to get really busy doing estimates and landing new business. I anticipate that my business will continue to grow and multiply weekly, monthly and yearly. This new website will really put me on the map.

If you want to really grow your business do consider hiring EfinityTech. They are the best."

Janice Marshall
The Cleaning Company NW

"We acquired TruMark Athletics in the fall of 2014 and decided to rebrand as part of a grander vision for the business. The most important avenue for us to reach our customers is our website, which we wanted redone to present customers the image we had for the future of our business.

With professionalism and user-experience at the top of our mind, we began work with Efinity Tech to redo the entire site from top to bottom. The Efinity team understood our vision and worked with us closely and quickly to make the site a reality. Their professionalism, support, advice and hard-work continued through launch and into the “tweaking” phase as well as helping us with our SEO and our first e-newsletters. 

We highly recommend Efinity Tech and appreciate all the hard work they put in to helping us create a beautiful website that is the most important asset of our business."

Tim McLarn
CEO, Trumark Athletics

"Ever since EfinityTech upgraded my website I have been getting plenty of hits online! 

Before meeting EfinityTech, I was being advised that I needed to blog to improve my visibility.  I had just paid for a new WordPress website and was struggling with getting new clients.  I really didn’t have time to blog, but I was trying! 

Within a few moments of meeting Vaughan from EfinityTech, he was able to look at my website and diagnose some serious problems.  Of course, the last thing I wanted to do was invest in another website design!  With Vaughn’s coaching we were trying to improve our website ourselves.  That only led to more frustration. 

Finally, we asked for EfinityTech to redo our site and improve our presence on the web.  It has been well worth the investment for us.  I get calls almost daily of new clients seeking out my business category.  I continually ask each new client how they heard of me and it’s usually via a web search.  We made sure we had a site that was mobile friendly and have heard feedback from customers that they like that feature. 

EfinityTech does an excellent job of managing our site and making sure we are always first on any web search. We appreciate their excellent customer service and recommend EfinityTech to all who are looking to improve their online visibility. "

Mary Peterson
CEO, NW Outdoor Lighting

“For our team, EfinityTech has been a true ally. We are able to collaborate on projects before we even get started. This has been tremendously helpful for developing ideas that wouldn’t have come about otherwise, as well as ensuring the best solutions for our clients.

When we approach Efinity with a budget, they always look to maximize what we can do with the resources at hand, rather than setting limitations. That’s such a constructive approach, and one we’re glad to extend to our projects and our clients.”

Michael Pohl
Digital Design Director, SCORR Marketing

We were in need of a total makeover of our online presence.  We had a long standing relationship with Efinitytech but had not used their design services and custom built website for several years.  The process Efinitytech took us through was extensive and very comprehensive, reviewing our brand, our positioning in the marketing place and most importantly the design elements we valued in other well recognized websites. 

The final product is stunning from our perspective and speaks very well to the nature of our business and the members we serve.  Additionally we have begun using multiple other services such as Blog, Survey’s and Ecommerce all integrated to our website.  I believe we received excellent value for the investment we made and look forward to working with the Efinitytech team for many years to come.

Aaron Culver
President, Thrive Community Fitness

BedVoyage partnered with Efinity Tech in spring of 2012 to build a website that our customers would find user-friendly, easy to navigate and create a quick and easy shopping experience.  Efinity created just that for us!  Our sales have increased dramatically due to the look, functionality and ease of ordering.  That, of course, is a huge plus for us, but we also really appreciate is that Efinity gives you the full capability to control our website ourselves.

Their VSM tool allows us to add products, put products on sale, add new images, add pages, amend content and track analytics, sales and uncommitted errors.  We have never had these abilities until we hired Efinity, and their whole team is incredibly knowledge and willing to help us at any time.  Their ability to recommend new ideas, implement ones we come up with, and help us stay cutting edge makes us a step ahead of many other online retailers!

Sharon Stuart
CEO of BedVoyage

As a small charity, Efinitytech gives us the look and feel of a larger non-profit in an affordable way.  Their website solution also allows us to update and create our own content without paying and outside "developer".  This fact alone, makes Efinitytech the smart choice for our web solution needs so that we are good stewards of our donors generosity.  Any non-profit, of any size, should consider Efinitytech for their web needs.

Jeff Cornish,
CEO, Grass Roots Golf

I wanted to express my sincere thanks for all your help and guidance as we built or should I say you built the web site of the century! I never appreciated the work or thought it takes to develop a website, especially something as complex as the one we have created! Efinitytech's solutions, suggestions and flexibility are fantastic!

What I absolutely admire about Efinitytech is that you are all personally taking this project to heart as much as myself, there is no doubt that I have found the right partners to work with! Again I wanted to thank you all again and look forward to working with you for years to come!

Justin Harries
Barn Pros, Monroe, WA

As a newly established, rapidly growing mobile gaming company, EfinityTech has played a critical role in developing our website marketing and infrastructure solutions. From our first meeting they invested the time to understand how our business operates and recommended a custom solution for our particular needs and audience. We were at the tipping point of our product growth and EfinityTech was key to capturing the market with innovative graphics design and web content management.

When our product entered mass market the website scaled flawlessly as we realized massive amounts of website users including hundreds of Gigs of monthly traffic. As we had to update the site I continually found well polished features that provided the control needed to independently manage all features of our website. From the beginning to completion we saw a ten fold return on our investment and have no hesitation to recommend EfinityTech for other businesses.

Nathan Cassano
Bubble Zap Games

EfinityTech has provided a wonderful experience for myself and my business. They were friendly and professional when they initially developed my website in 2008, and the support they have provided since is beyond compare.

I was pleased to be offered SEO management services and ecstatic with the results! One month I saw a 300% increase in orders placed through the website and my sales over all have shown a 10% increase year to date which I can only attribute to the  fine SEO work of Efinity. I no longer worry about my website, it looks great, functions well and people can find it thanks to Efinity.

Oriana Hammerstrom
Woodinvilleflorist, Woodinville, WA

I have found Efinity Tech to be professional and responsive to my needs as an owner of a small company....I highly recommend Efinity to any company seeking a cost effective way to produce a quality web presence...

Erin VerHoeven, Vice President
Corstone LLC, Snohomish, WA

Oh, yes, I would like efinitytech to monitor my domain name and remind me to re-up when it is time. I switched to efinitytech when my previous service did not do that and I found a scantily-clad woman on my homepage. I could never get a response from the extorter and had to create an entirely new and different website, which you did for me. When a domain is expiring, many services send notices to re-up. They are careful not to say whether or not they are your existing service, so it is hard to know, for those of us who don't pay much attention, who is the existing domain carrier.

THANK YOU for this service!
Marilynn Moch
Phoenix Builders

Thank you for the service and support you have provided us during the last four years of our partnership.  Your customer service is second to none and we consider ourselves fortunate to have found such a great organization to assist with our website initiatives. I highly recommend EfinityTech to anyone looking for a content management tool or other web-related services.

Michael Pozsony,
Sentrx, Little Falls, NJ

Uploading images is a breeze with VSM tools. Unlike the other system, I can easily file, upload and edit the size of an image right on the Web page. Creating a new Web page and placing it into the navigation of the website is simple. I just follow the easy steps to create my page, edit its content, and use the handy navigation tool to effortlessly integrate the new page into the website’s navigation. Updating the website has never been faster. I get right where I want without hoops to jump through and can edit the page and preview it before publishing. Fast and simple; just what I need for a busy day at the office. The tutorials and ready support help me keep my website looking its best. A friendly representative from Efinity is always available to help me with my questions.

Chelsea Archer,
Bio Nebraska, Kearney, NB

They (Efinity Technologies) were referred to us, but you never really know... So I personally called everyone on their testimonial page and everyone gave the same glowing review that I'm giving. They are amazingly responsive and great to work with. They have an extremely intuitive content management system for the hosting side of things, which has integrated ecommerce, newsletters, and user group modules for secure pages. We're just getting started with the SEO side of things, but our plan is to use them 100%. They also have done and are currently doing some custom programming for us which we're also extremely pleased with.

Dante G. DeGraaf, President
Bowman Manufacturing, Arlington, WA

We chose Efinity Technologies to advance our web presence. While their VSM product allows us to easily manage our site; it's the people of Efinitytech we appreciate most.

Mark Cambell
Evergreen Fairgrounds, Monroe, WA

...The best thing about it is how easily a computer phobic person such as me can manage and update the site. In the past I had to wait for the webmaster to make my requested changes and updates, now I can literally make a change to the site within minutes...

Lance Lambert
Vintage Vehicle TV, Seattle, WA

You guys have been great to me! I can't praise Efinity enough!!

Paws Gourmet, Marysville, WA

Hello Mark - Just a quick line to pass on my joy that someone gave us a very glowing compliment on our website. Thanks to you!

Janet Stocker
Stocker Farms, Snohomish, WA

I was amazed at how much easier it really was to use VSM than I imagined.

Colleen Sax

...I am satisfied with the new website and pleased with the ease of making changes. Call me a satisfied customer.

EquiFriends, Snohomish, WA

...The versatility of the program, the ease of changing it, as well as the website statistics have proven to be most helpful.

...That truly gives us reassurance that we made the right choice in choosing Efinity.

Keep up the good work!

John Dyer, President
Dynacco, Monroe, WA

"We chose e-finity Technologies to advance our web presence. While their VSM product allows us to easily manage our site, it's the people of e-finity Technologies we appreciate most."

Mark Campbell, Manager
The Evergreen State Fair, Monroe, WA

We are so pleased with our new website that was built by Efinity. The whole process has been a great learning experience for all of us. The best part of all is the service and care we continue to receive from them. You won't be sorry if you go with Efinity Technologies.

Thanks again! You guys are the best!!!

Liz Spell, Office Manager
Michael Astrof Construction, Everett, WA

"I have worked with Mark and his team at Efinity Technologies for over six years. They have done a terrific job of creating and maintaining our websites over the years. So, if you want a great website choose Efinity Technologies" 

Nancy J Somers
Lozier Homes, Bellevue, WA

My VSM Website was the clincher for a recent remodeling contract. Instead of driving prospective clients around for a day to show them jobs and calling past customers for permission to go into their homes, we sat down at their computer, jumped onto my site and inside of 10 minutes they wrote a deposit check!

Thanks for a great business tool that makes it easy to add pictures, pages and content to my site.

Steve Giboney
CCS Construction Solutions, Snohomish, WA

... the best option for companies looking to create or modify their website in conjunction with a professional website developer and maintain 100 percent control of its content. We fully recommend Efinity and its effective team to any company looking for a customer-based solution to creating and maintaining its website.

Amanda C. Grindle

I fired my webmaster! After years of frustration with a variety of webmasters, I finally decided to "hire" one I could rely on – me! Every webmaster I have tried to use in the past was never able to communicate with me in terms I could understand. It was clear to me that they were more interested in showing me how smart they were, and not real interested in making my website do what I wanted it to do.

Then I found Efinity Technologies. Wow! Not only do I now have a website that looks and feels the way I want it, I get to make the changes and I get instant updates! I found using VSM Tools from Efinity Technologies to be intuitive, easy to use, and powerful. When I get an inspiration or have updated information, I no longer have to wait weeks (or never) for my webmaster to get around to making the change or the update. I just do it myself, and instantly the update is on my website! Plus, it is fun to actually see the changes take place right away, when the information is current.

I have become a "power user" with VSM Tools, even though I have never built or maintained a website before. I don't program in HTML or any other web language. I use ENGLISH as my programming language. Building new pages for my website is as easy as using a word processor.

I would recommend VSM Tools from Efinity Technologies for anyone wishing to take control of their website, and have the power and flexibility to control your own data, web image and timeliness of information. Do what I did – fire your webmaster! It feels good and you will never go back.

Jay Fiske, President
Northwest Benefit Auctions , Bellevue, WA

In today's world, email and internet is the most efficient and effective way at reaching an audience. Until now, we have been behind the times on our website with only a few pictures, confusing navigation, out-dated information, and limited capabilities. Before moving to Efinitytech, for every change we wanted on the site, we had to pay extra and wait for someone else to update it. Now, we can update the site everyday, many times a day! Efinity Technologies has provided us with the ability to manage our website ourselves updating information constantly, adding the newest pictures, sending newsletters from our site, and even being able to access our website statistics. As a YMCA, our information is constantly changing to accommodate all of the guests and activities on campus. Efinitytech has made it so easy for us to reach our guests and members through the internet.

Rebecca Wright
Silver Bay YMCA, Silver Bay, NY

Just had to let you and the other creative and talented folks at EfinityTech that our electronic newsletter has been tremendously effective in our marketing efforts!

In September we sent our first one, and in the first 5 days afer it went out we had increasingly more activity on the site so that on day six we had 348 different visitors and 3307 page hits. The most interesting thing is that the most popular page after our home page was for "Fall and Winter Weekends" which we hyperlinked in the newsletter. There was no other explanation for that spike.

It got even better in October. We sent the October e-newletter on October 5, and THAT DAY we had 488 unique visitors and 3543 hits to the"Fall and Winter Weekends" page! The best part is that many of the first-timers who come tell us they heard about Silver Bay's programs on our website!

I am working on a web analysis to show the impact of our website activity and popular pages to our Board of Directors at their November meeting.

We are excited about the potential for Efinity Tech to help us increase our member/guest and conference usage. Thanks for your excellent service and responsiveness!

Marisa Fink
Silver Bay YMCA of the Adirondacks