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Seattle Galvanizing

Our experience with Efinitytech in creating our new website was outstanding. Aaron and Vaughan expertly brought our vision to life with exceptional attention to detail and innovation. The process was smooth, efficient, and resulted in a website that perfectly represents our brand. We're deeply thankful to the Efinitytech team for their dedication and high-quality work. They delivered more than just a website; they provided us with a vital tool for our business growth. We highly recommend Efinitytech for anyone looking for top-notch web design and development services. A huge thank you to Aaron and Vaughan for exceeding our expectations!

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Pando Consulting Group

Just a quick note to share with you my new company webpage!! Big thanks to Vaughan and his team for helping with this special magic. It's a lot of work, but they have been great to work with and are very informative and instructive throughout the process. To Efinity and beyond!

Here's the link:

I know you've known me as the owner of Horizon Business Transitions, but officially this year I'm working together with a partner under Pando Consulting Group. My name was good, but his was just better! If you want to know why, check out "The Pando Story" under "About". ??

I'd love your feedback and thoughts! Thanks for your support!

Eric Terry
COO/Consultant of Pando Consulting Group

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In Shayna's words, "Thank you so much! We really love it.

We choose to work with Efinitytech because of their fantastic proprietary CMS that allows our clients the flexibility to help themselves if desire or rely on the responsive support they provide. Collaborating with them on our own site is a true testament to how much we love working with them! They truly took the time to understand our vision and brought it to life in a way that exceeded our expectations. Their commitment to delivering high-quality work is evident in every aspect of their service. We cannot recommend Efinitytech enough!"

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"I recently worked with Efinitytech to build my website. I was very impressed with their professionalism, knowledge, and creativity."

Vaughan and Aaron took the time to understand my needs and vision for the website, and they worked with me to create a design that was both beautiful and functional. They were also very responsive to my feedback, and they were always willing to make changes until I was completely happy.

The finished product is a website that I'm very proud of. It's exactly what I wanted, and it will help me to grow my business. I would highly recommend Efinitytech to anyone who is looking for a web design company.

Here are some specific details that I appreciated about working with Efinitytech:
•    They were very responsive to my emails and phone calls.
•    They were always willing to answer my questions and explain their decisions.
•    They were creative and came up with some great ideas for the website.
•    They were patient and worked with me until I was completely happy with the design.
I'm very happy with the results of my project, and I would definitely work with Efinitytech again in the future."

- Brian Orr, Complete Latent Print Examination (CLPEX)
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Skyline Sign and Wrap

In Brendan's Words:

After switching to our previous provider for a website and other services, it just didn't meet our standards and we felt it was hurting our online presence. 

We sat down with Efinity and discussed our needs and how we can improve the site. After seeing the first draft we already knew we made the right choice.

They took our ideas and made them possible with some great feedback. Development process was smooth and very responsive. We are much prouder to send people to our website now and in turn we are seeing a lot more traffic and interest. We are also getting more inquiries through our designated contact box. The feedback from our customers has been great and it's only been a month or two. We are excited to see the growth as we continue to work with efinity on other ways they can help our online presence.

Brendan also posted this review online about his site and working with Efinitytech:

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Kritsonis Lindor

Vaughan, Aaron and the efinitytech team led the wildly successful launch of our 2021 website redesign. We are incredibly grateful for their unwavering patience and support through our many iterations to reach perfection.
Their high level of communication and dedication to our team promoted synergy and eased our minds, allowing us to enjoy the creative process as a team.

Thank you for the service and support you’ve provided us over the years. We look forward to our continued partnership.

Kritsonis Lindor Team
Windermere Real Estate/ East, Inc.

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Flower World USA

"We just completed our new website with Efinitytech and are so excited to have it live! Although our visual and content requirements were very high, Efinitytech managed to translate them into a very appealing and professional looking website that also works fantastic on mobile devices. We love how easy it is to make changes ourselves, (after some training from Efinitytech) and yet know we have the support when/if we need it.

Working with Vaughan, Aaron and Mark at Efinitytech has been a most pleasant experience! Their dedication and passion for what they do is exemplified by their unrivaled customer support and attentiveness to the specific needs of our business. We look forward to a long lasting and prosperous relationship with the crew at Efinitytech."

Filip Hantson
Director of Operations
Flower World USA

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Quantum Windows

“We first hired the team at efinitytech in 2012 to design and develop a brand new website and look for Quantum. Just recently in 2019 we returned for a refresher – a redesign of our site. Both times, the process of working with Vaughan and Aaron has been tremendous. They are creative, insightful, responsive, and most importantly available. They answered my plethora of questions right away, they responded to urgent items without delay, and they calmly walked me through the entire process of what otherwise could have been a highly frustrating and daunting task. We highly recommend efinitytech, and can guarantee we will turn to them again in the future."

Sincerely, Stephanie Carr

Marketing Coordinator
Quantum Windows & Doors

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Dramatic Artists

In their words:

"We are going to be the envy of our industry peers!  The process of designing and building our Dramatic Artists Agency website with Efinity has been a delight, Mark, Vaughan, Aaron and Connor have been a dream team. Their cutting edge technology and sharp awareness of business branding helped us to create a unique and completely functional Internet "Face" for our company.  We can hardly wait to start using all the efficient website tools they created for us to better serve our clients and prospective clients! "

Carlyne Grager, Toni Posey & Joell Grager

Additional Feedback from their Clients!

"Our newest business associate is an Oscar winning special effects company .  You can only imagine how flattered we were when the CEO/Founder of the company complimented our new website! He stated that it looks great, but is very functional (They can certainly understand and appreciate a visually effective and high tech functioning website).  We told him he was only seeing half the amazing functions since much of the new design serves our private and confidential administrative purposes."

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Lobby Washington

The website has allowed us to strategically target new clients with this fantastic, intuitive design and the ease of management on the site.  We absolutely LOVE the site and I can’t believe how fast your team at Efinityech was able to build this beautiful site and get us up and running live.  We are so excited about the site that we are already brainstorming additional ways that we can leverage this great site for our organization’s growth.

-Chester L. Baldwin

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Terrene Homes

The live website looks AMAZING, I may have been refreshing the page all morning in anticipation ??


Aaron has been awesome and so great at making all the tweaks along the way, very much appreciated. I am happy to write a testimonial for you guys. 

Thanks team!!! Great job all!


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Washington Property Rights

Thanks Vaughan & Aaron, neither of you will be surprised to hear this, but I have gotten a TON of compliments on the website. We love it and I am proud to send it to folks to see what we’re working on. :) As usually from you guys...above and beyond!

Thank you for such a quick yet beautiful and functional product. 

Chester L. Baldwin, Attorney at Law
Public Affairs Consulting, LLC

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AFCO says, “We enjoy working with the group at Efinitytech. They do a fantastic job at adhering to tight deadlines are always ready and available to help when needed.”

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AFCO Racing

We recently completed a launch for 4 new/updated websites with the team at Efinity Tech.  This was a pretty large project, with ecommerce and many products involved.  The process was smooth and efficient. The 4 new websites function well and are a tremendous upgrade from where we were.  Not only do the 4 sites look much better, the usability of the sites are completely enhanced!

The best thing about working with Efinity Tech is their customer service. Mark, Vaughan, and Aaron are great to work with. They are responsive to emails and get our questions answered. They are always willing to have a conversation and talk through an issue to find the best solution. I would highly recommend the Efinity Tech team!


Kerri Hart, Marketing Director

AFCO Performance Group

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AJ Real Estate

Vaughan and his team at Efinitytech have been great. Constant communication and customization has allowed them to create the exact website that we have been needing. Their attention to detail and consistency has brought our company's online presence from outdated to modern. We highly recommend them for any of your website needs.
Tye Hastings 
Allen Johnson Properties

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At warp speed, Efinitytech brought our new website and us swiftly into the second decade of the 21st century! Let me quickly tell you about the new bells and whistles I love. The home page features a link to a fun video which gives a short, colorful overview of AQUASEAL For Leather products. It has a cool new slide show of photos depicting a few of the activities we target. A "killer" find-a-store feature that does all sorts of things! And Last but not least; We now Have e-Commerce! A totally new concept for AQUASEAL products!

Thank you Efinitytech!

Dan Metcalf

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Two businesses require two top notch Websites. Efinitytech developed a new business website for LightRay UVC and just launched a NEW website for my other company AutoTize! Working with the team at Efinitytech has been a pleasure!

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BCA Bookkeeping

Thank you Efinitytech, for your years of support and website optimization

Cheryl Driscoll
BCA Bookkeeping

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“Efinity Tech was wonderful to work with on our website relaunch. Vaughan took his time to learn about our product and our goals, and the team worked hard to keep the momentum going, and to regularly check in as things were created. By the time the site was ready to go live, all of the details had our company’s buy in and represented our brand.”

Megan Wiseman, President

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Balancing Service

Thank you guys for the great job you are doing with our website re-design.  Your patience and help keeping us on the ball has been invaluable.  Whenever a new customer calls we always ask how they learned about us and with the website not even 100% complete we are already seeing a large increase in the number of people that find us by searching the web. It’s awesome!”

Sue Ann Hess
Office Administrator/Business Development
Balancing Service Company

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Barn Pros

I wanted to express my sincere thanks for all your help and guidance as we built or should I say you built the web site of the century! I never appreciated the work or thought it takes to develop a website, especially something as complex as the one we have created! Efinitytech's solutions, suggestions and flexibility are fantastic! What I absolutely admire about Efinitytech is that you are all personally taking this project to heart as much as myself, there is no doubt that I have found the right partners to work with! Again I wanted to thank you all again and look forward to working with you for years to come!

Jessica Sherman
Director of Marketing
Barn Pros Inc.

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Baxter Legal Services

"The team at Efinitytech built us a wonderful website. They worked with us through the design and implementation phases and trained us on how to update our content. They had great input and advice on how to get the most out of a website. They are a professional and knowledgeable team I recommend them to anyone who wants to boost their marketing and exposure for their business."

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Bed Voyage

BedVoyage partnered with Efinity Tech in spring of 2012 to build a website that our customers would find user-friendly, easy to navigate and create a quick and easy shopping experience.  Efinity created just that for us!  Our sales have increased dramatically due to the look, functionality and ease of ordering.  That, of course, is a huge plus for us, but we also really appreciate is that Efinity gives you the full capability to control our website ourselves. Their VSM tool allows us to add products, put products on sale, add new images, add pages, amend content and track analytics, sales and uncommitted errors.  We have never had these abilities until we hired Efinity, and their whole team is incredibly knowledge and willing to help us at any time.  Their ability to recommend new ideas, implement ones we come up with, and help us stay cutting edge makes us a step ahead of many other online retailers!

Sharon Stuart
CEO of BedVoyage

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Big Apple Visual Group

Thank you Efinitytech for your excellent support!

Gaurav Pandya
IT Consultant
Big Apple Visual Group,

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Blair Mus Group

I had the pleasure of working with Vaughan and his team to develop my new website for my real estate business.  I say pleasure because Vaughan and Aaron were an absolute pleasure to work with.  Throughout the process I felt like they were “in it” for me.  Developing a website is much more than creating electronic pages.  For me, it was about a complete re-branding of a business that means everything to me.  From our first meeting all the way up to the launch, Vaughan and Aaron made me feel like it was just as important to them as it was to me.  I give Efinitytech my highest endorsement. 

Blair Mus
Blair Mus Group

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I came to Efinitytech with a general idea for a website. Vaughan and his team really helped advance my ideas to next level. Efinitytech did a great job in designing the site along with offering a comprehensive package to better promote my business with greater market exposure.  Thank you Efinitytech for the support!  I love the site and all the services your team has provided!

Naomi Kyle
Founder & Principal
Blue Heron Tech

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Carriage Insurance

Thank you, Efinitytech

Jody Carr
Carriage Insurance 

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Cascadia Iris Gardens

The most important feature is our new, fully integrated e-commerce option. We hope this makes your shopping experience much more satisfying than in the past. With a full selection of iris, both bearded and beardless, you could easily spend hours just enjoying Margaret’s pictures. Don’t forget to look at our two new introductions this year, Evidence and My Huckleberry Friend. Both are small, sweet and would fit nicely into your rock garden or the front of your perennial bed. Just click on Shop and you are ready to go!

Patrick Spence,
Cascadia Iris Garden

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Cepher Publishing

Efinitytech has been a tremendous and worthwhile compliment to the explosive growth of Cepher Publishing Group. Since moving our e-commerce platform to Efinitytech, our sales revenues have tripled over the prior year. Equally important, the search engine optimization provided by EfinityTech resulted in an 111% growth in organic searches during a targeted five-week period.  Because of this successful relationship, we have also elected to develop our App with EfinityTech.

Penny Castro
Operations Manager
Cepher Publishing Group

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Choose Monroe

"Efinitytech worked with us to upgrade our Visitor Information Center website. They helped add color, pop and a new feel to our out-of-date website. Vaughan and his team are simply amazing. They are patient, friendly and very professional.  Every time we met I would have some new question or request and they never seemed annoyed or unable to do it. I really appreciate how hard they worked to give us what we needed within our budget! 

Thank you Team Efinitytech for everything and we are so proud to say you designed our new site!!!"

Yvonne M. Van Ornam
Director, Monroe Chamber of Commerce

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Cornerstone Academy

Cornerstone Academy is very pleased with our new website! The content management and support enables us to post information in a timely manner and with help when we need it!

Michell Jones
Head of School
Cornerstone Acandemy

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Corstone LLC

I have found Efinity Tech to be professional and responsive to my needs as an owner of a small company....I highly recommend Efinity to any company seeking a cost effective way to produce a quality web presence...

Erin Verhoven
Vice President/Owner
Corstone Contractors LLC

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Cutwater Boats

Working with efinitytech to design and build our new website was a great experience. Each member of the team brought their unique talents and skill set to the project and it was a pleasure working with each of them. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback on our new site and traffic is up! Looking forward to our next project with Efinitytech.

Sam Bisset
Marketing Director
Cutwater Boats

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ETF Fitness

After 20 years work with Efinitytech, we have come to rely on them for custom Website Development and Support.

The ETF Site is another great collaboration!

Aaron Culver
COO|ETF Franchising, LLC

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Everett Office Furniture

Working with Vaughan and the staff at efinitytech was great.  They helped us come up with a 1st class informative website.   They provided thoughts and ideas, to help us tell our story. I recommend them highly and will use them again in the future.

Brian Hollingshead, Owner

Everett Office Furniture

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Farm Girl Candle Company

In Theresa's words:

"I could not be more pleased about my experience with Efinitytech. The entire team is professional, helpful, friendly, and above all, they have gone out of their way to accommodate my schedule, my lack of technical computer skills, and more. They are prompt at answering questions and returning correspondence. Most important of all, they understand and accept my limits, while also helping me improve. I couldn’t ask for better care, and I am thrilled with the results. They have designed a website that reflects who I am, what I do, what my mission is, and how I would like to grow in the future. I expected great results from my research into their company beforehand, but what I have received in return has surpassed any and all expectations. I am confident that I have the support and backing from them to reach all of my Ecommerce goals. I look forward to many more years of working with them!"

Theresa Davis
Entrepreneur, Owner, Founder & Chief Candle Maker

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Find it Games

Many thanks for a job well done on our new /revised website which launched last month... We are very pleased with the number of hits and clicks visitors are doing while visiting our updated website.

When we started working with Vaughan and team in 2008, we were more than pleased with the website they built for our toy and game manufacturing company ( With their help and expertise our online presence grew significantly, reaching thousands of unique visitors monthly from across the globe. After we licensed manufacturing rights between 2013 to 2018 to an outside company the website activity and attention to detail suffered without the input and expertise from Efinity.  We are excited to have taken it back and re-launching our Find It® brand. We look forward to exceeding our goals and expectations with the help of Vaughn and the team at Efinity. The functionality and detail of the new robust website has been very well received.  It has a current up-to-date look and feel. They created “fun” to go along with our phrase “Spin It, Twist It, Shake It, It’s Fun!”  Perfect for a game company!  Working with the team at Efinity has been most professional and helpful, especially to us non-techy people. It is our pleasure to work with you.

Bob & Lynn Knight, founders

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GCW Bindings

I enjoy the control over my site with Efinitytech's CMS.

Many years support from Efinitytech have proven them to be a great website design, development and hosting company for small businesses like mine.

Rich Greenfield

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Gala Events Venue

I am so thankful I found Efinitytech! Vaughan Seifert & all of the guys at Efinitytech are absolutely wonderful! I could not ask for any better service. They have answered every one of my questions, emails and phone calls promptly.

They are professionals of the highest standards—so helpful. They came up with a design I loved instantly. They go above and beyond with their suggestions and they truly care about MY business, like it was their own. Service like theirs is rare in the business world today.

Thank you guys for a beautiful website and all of your help regarding my business."

Lisa Bitseff Leonardi
Founder & Owner
Gala Events Venue

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Garmire Ironworks

I have received dozens of requests from web searches based on the email tracking I can do.  I know the site is gaining traction with my sales agency and I have heard a several customer's that have been looking on the site. Efinitytech's talented website developers have added a new layer of professionalism to our business.

James Rebar
President & Owner
Garmire Iron Works

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HCI Learning

HealthCare Innovations spent the last few months taking a hard look at its external image - from our marketing materials, to social media presence, to our WEBSITE. Across the board, we wanted a new look and feel...something fresh to effectively communicate our business capabilities and value-add. We believed this would stem from a new website. We turned to Efinitytech and gave them a little background on where we were coming from and where we wanted to go. Without hesitation Efinitytech listened to our needs and hit the ground running with the right balance of creativity and content. They captured the personality of HealthCare Innovations with a website design that is crisp and easy to maneuver, yet attention-grabbing with an incisive, robust look and feel. The lead website developer at Efinitytech, Aaron, was easy to work with, and was also extremely responsive to our demands of a short timeline for release. We are very pleased with our newly launched website by Efinitytech; it is professional, it is informative, it is intuitive.

Thank you, Efinitytech!

Linda Morales,
Founder HCI;
Jim Tremblay, VP HCI

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High Country Contractors

Thank you for a great logo design and website! We especially like the Portfolio of Projects.

Marthalee Lyman
Corporate Secretary
High Country Contractors

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Holly Ann Todd

In her words:

As a new business owner, I knew I needed a website and had a vision of what I wanted, but had no idea of how to start.  I was referred to Vaughan at Efinitytech and have been more than happy with their professional and easy approach to turning my vision into a reality with the services their team provided.  From my first phone call with Vaughan to website design with both Vaughan and Aaron, I felt a true partnership with professionals that helped guide me along the way.  The process was easy, the team was very helpful and gave me assignments to complete on my end while they were putting the design together.  I was surprised how quickly it came together and am very happy with the end result.  Furthermore, I was trained on the process of how to edit the site on my own knowing that help is only a phone call away.  Thank you so much, Aaron and Vaughan!!


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Impact Washington

After several months of hard work and dedication, we are thrilled to officially announce the launch of our new Impact Washington website, designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation. Our primary goal during the redesign process was to create a more valuable, user-centric and responsive resource across all platforms and devices.  Specifically, we wanted to focus on making it easier for our users to learn and locate valuable information about our manufacturing solutions for their particular application or industry not only at their desk but on mobile devices.

We invite you to visit us at

The new website offers straightforward access to essential information about Impact Washington Consulting, Training and Events as well as access to the latest news, about us and how to get in touch with us.

Carol Blayden

Director of Marketing & Client Engagement

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J.M. Bogan Company

In the rebranding of our company, rebuilding our website was a must. To find out our website hadn’t been touched in over a decade put in me in a position in which I had no idea who actually built it. In efforts to find someone to take on that job I reached out to Efinitytech because they perform our email services. After meeting with their team and reading a very well put together proposal, I was happy to find out it was in fact Efinitytech who built our original website! As a 2nd generation company, it was great to work with a team who knew what they where doing, and knew how to show us what we wanted. Not only were they timely; you could tell they were getting the job done in the most efficient manner possible.

With all that being said we at JM Bogan Co. are ecstatic to present our new website to our present, and future clientele!

Please let Aaron and Jared know how much we appreciate you guys as well!

Ty-Monie Bogan
Project Coordination|Design
JM Bogan Remodeling

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JBD Excavation

Jaret liked the new design so much he had us go live with it before he had even finished his content work! The fit with his new logo is a real plus and we like the site so much that we are putting it in our portfolio, our blog and in our newsletter!

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K Properties Northwest

Efinitytech has been amazing to work with! Vaughan and his design crew have the WOW factor for sure! I own a real estate brokerage and the branding aspect of my business is super important to me. Efinitytech met with me in person and took the time to get to know me and my brand prior to building my custom website. They do not use templates and each site is designed and customized to their client. One of my favorite parts about Efinitytech is how important they have made me feel to the success of their business. No matter how large or small the client, each is treated with the utmost care and respect. Their pricing is fair, their work is stellar, and they are overall awesome people to work with. I am so appreciative of their ability to understand my business, my values, and what is so important to me, and turn that into a design message. Thank you, Vaughan and Efinitytech team!

Kari Hovde
Owner/Broker K Properties Northwest

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Klein Hersh

We are so pleased with our newly revised website.  Vaughan and his team worked hand and hand with our marketing and creative team to produce a professional platform accomplishing the way in which we wanted to display our company and its messaging.  Thank you for a job well done.

Fern Klein
Klein Hersh

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The LifeConEX site is a collaboration of SCORR Marketing's excellent design and Efinitytech's unparalelled development, CMS and hosting.

This site being one of dozens we built with SCORR over some 10 years collaboration.

SCORR Marketing

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LightRay UVC

Efinitytech team was easy to work with; met every deadline and offered sound suggestions that added to the quality of my new website LightRay UVC.   

Looking forward to getting started on my 2nd website build with them.

Chris Cunningham/LightRay UVC

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Lockerroom Fitness

Having an online presence is very important for us and our members at Locker Room Fitness. From day one the team at Efinitytech has been there for us. They built our temporary website quickly and up to our standards. Since then, we have enjoyed the style and functionality of our current site.

Working with their knowledgeable support team has taken a load off our shoulders because we know they have the experience to guide us in the right direction. We are excited to continue our journey in the fitness world with the support of Efinitytech.

Dane Thorpe

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Longacre Racing

The team provided excellent customer service, with a personal touch, and attention to detail.

Tami Copley, IT Consultant

Longacre Racing, Monroe, WA

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Great words from MPBA!

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Mad River Manufacturing

Efinity delivered a full ecommerce website in support my innovative fishing products business. They provide support when I need it in a very timely manner.

Jimmy Davis, CEO

Mad River Manufacturing

McKinleyville, CA

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Maltby Cafe

This is my second project with Efinitytech and I continue to really enjoy working with Vaughan, Mark, Richard and Aaron. The level of personal support and service you get with their team is second to none. They do a great job of listening to understand your business and collaborated really well with all of us through the entire design and development process. In the end, we didn't just get a great looking new website, we gained a partner really who cares about our success. The VSM tool is super easy to use giving us the ability to easily update our site when we need to without having to wait several days or pay extra fees. I cannot recommend the team at Efinitytech highly enough and look forward to finding more projects to work on with them in the future.

Tami Copley
The Maltby Cafe

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Matheus Lumber

I will never forget the look on Gary Powel's face when we held our post relaunch meeting! He burst into the conference room and exclaimed, "What did you do? We are getting calls from all over the country! Until now; in our 80 history, we have never received any calls from outside the northwest!". Of course Gary knew exactly what we had done; as he had worked diligently with us to achieve exactly that. Nonetheless his surprise at the results was genuine!

Paraphrased, from Gary Powell, CEO

Mathues Lumber

Woodinville, WA

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Medical Teams Worldwide

The website and support from Efinitytech helps promote my Charity to aid the people of South Sudan with their medical needs which I provide directly along with other team members.

Thank you Efinitytech!

Dr Alan Kelley
Medical Teams World Wide

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Merciful Love Charitable Refuge

"The Merciful Love Connection  is a very small 501-(c)3  that partners with a Refuge for adolescent mothers in Santiago Chile (El Refugio de Misericordia).  We knew nothing about websites when we started in 2006.Your efinity techs built the site. They showed us how to use VSM to manage it with ease. When we were in trouble they were there. Though the tools made it easy to keep it updated we were outdated. A call to Vaughn and he gave me great suggestions about what we need to do.  We appreciate your excellent customer service and recommend efinitytech to all who have limited or no knowledge of how the internet and internet sites work. 

Thank you for the service and support you have provided us during the last eleven years. We are also very grateful for the substantial in kind donation efinitytech has given us each year.


Sister Yvette Mallow

Exec. Dir. Merciful Love Connection

Bothell, WA

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Mitco Global

From the Marketing Company's Perspective:

Working with Efinitytech was a breeze! Something like building a website can be quite daunting and they were able to make the process seamless, quick and painless. My experience was so much faster and easier than any other vendor I have worked with. Due to their customized platform, I can be confident that my client will be infinitely happy and taken care of.
Shayna McDonnell, Lab59 Designs

From the Client's Perspective:

“As Mitco expanded our 3PL services and offerings we needed an update to our web site that represented our value proposition. Efinity’s technology and team provided us a partner and solution that was easy to work with, and guided us through every step of the process. The build and launch execution was exactly what we hoped for."

Bill Burbank, Mitco Director of Business Development

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Montana Problem Gambling

Since those early days with the Montana Council on Problem Gambling; I reached out to us for a Mobile Responsive redesign, to bring the site up to current standards as well as to be more appealling to our intended visitors and especially to our donors. Efinitytech gladly helped us achieve these objectives and continue to serve our website needs to this day!

Mark Kennedy
Montana Council on Problem Gambling

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“I cold-called developers in Seattle and was met with apathy until I was lucky enough to find Efinitytech. In this initial launch, Moshoboga offers features never seen before, made better through continuous discussion with Efinity’s team of skilled developers. A movie site made by people who are movie lovers too, with everyday users as the top priority. I’m very happy to now share Moshoboga with my friends and family.”

Kyle Franklin, MOSHOBOGA
Founder, CEO, Inventor & Architect 

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NW Outdoor Lighting

I am so pleased with my website that Efinitytech designed, built and maintains!  I can recall the exact date my website went live – the day my phone started ringing!!!    I appreciate their attention to detail which makes me look great!  I ask each client who calls how they heard of me and the answer is usually via surfing the web and I was number one!  Other comments from clients are: “Your website is beautiful!”, “You have great pictures.”, “I like that I can view your website right off my phone.” When we have our monthly SEO meeting, I am able to see traffic increasing in various areas and hear their suggestions for improvement.  The team at Efinitytech is awesome.   It was the best investment I made into my company!  I just wished I had hired Efinitytech first and not second.  Better late than never!When we finally made the decision to update our web presence, I would never have believed my site could be any better! I have been beyond pleased with our ongoing relationship with EfinityTech; for the continual maintenance of my site and their great advice on how to improve my SEO.

The guys are great to work with and stay current on trends which they implemented into my new site. I thought my website was awesome when EfinityTech created it a few years ago. Now it’s off the charts! 

Mary Peterson
NW Outdoor Lighting

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O2 Compost

We are very pleased with our new / updated website.  Richard and the others on staff were very responsive to our requests for changes and additions.  The new layout is very appealing and the organization of technical information is much more intuitive.  What I like the most is how our past projects are displayed.  Now that they can be sorted by state, our prospective clients can find systems in their general area of the country.  When people contact us they are generally pre-sold.

Well done!

Peter Moon, Owner
O2Compost Systems

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Olympian Precast has been a longtime customer of EfinityTech, lately we felt that our website design was out of date and a little tired looking so we approached Vaughan and the staff at EfinityTech to create a new look and feel for Olympian Precast that would better showcases our products and the nature of our custom manufacturing industry.  EfinityTech put together a competitive price to create a new look and layout.  EfinityTech staff was knowledgable and helpful creating the new media face of Olympian Precast and did a fantastic job of capturing our goals and helping us maximize the space and search optimization. 

Thanks EfinityTech!

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EfinityTech delivered with an outstanding mobile responsive website design, easy to use CMS, and advanced ecommerce system. Needless to say, Orthman was very happy with the results as are their customers!

Lexington, NE

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Pharmas Almanac

We provided millions of data points to Efinity, which they actually merged in a single data source, programmed dozens of tracking functions, and built a dual back up server to handle the anticipated site traffic. Our visitors and sponsors can now search and view hundreds of featured company profiles, search authors, topics and hundreds of articles as well as access our six market data bases.

To measure success, we successfully maintained site visit levels constant, and higher, than pre-migration. Not only do we have almost two thousand visits per week, we have had minimal issues, and Efinity even found a way to increase our site processing speed.

Maybe most importantly, the Efinity Tech team is always thinking for us, proposing improvements and are super responsive. We feel that we have brought a one-of-a-kind web experience to our market because of the real customer focus, data management expertise, and web experience of Efinity.

Guy Tiene
Strategic Content Director
That's Nice

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QBR Book Review

In Max's Words:

"The difference between Efinitytech and Coca-Cola is that Efinitytech shares its secrets!

When I decided to enhance my site visitor experience with high-quality video messaging, the team at Efinity knew exactly how to match the quality of the website to the quality of the videos produced by the QBR Team.

Vaughan, Aaron, and the Efinitytech team have literally transformed my site from an emotionally-static, informational website (read: book reviews) to a gorgeous, emotive, and visually-engaging cine-site that delivers an experience of books, authors, and events.

Beyond "my idea" for the work at hand, the Efinitytech team contributed its own vision for the site's enhancement, balanced with a deep expertise in technology, best audience-development and response practices, and frankly, the art of their work. QBR is a gold standard in the delivery of published books and author discussions; Efinitytech's expertise and personalized interest in my business goals have helped us set a very high competitive bar.

I can't count on Coke's formula for success but I can certainly rely on Efinitytech to position my site for its best return."

Max Rodriguez, Founder & Publisher, QBR/The Black Book Review & The Harlem Book Fair, NY, NY.

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R Gleason Finishing

Previously we had a failed website project that was up and running.  Efinitytech was recommended to us to build a new website from scratch.  Vaughan and his team were patient with us but also kept us on track.  We appreciated their professionalism throughout the process.  We now have the best website of any of our competitors and look forward to building it up even further with Efinitytech.  Thanks Guys!

Tony Souther
R. Gleason Finishing

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Ralph's Pump

"It is Great to have a website that is not only not broken; it looks Great and there is no more Latin!"

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Ranger Tugs

"Working with efinitytech to design and build our new website was a great experience. Each member of the team brought their unique talents and skill set to the project and it was a pleasure working with each of them. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback on our new site and traffic is up! Looking forward to our next project with Efinitytech. 

Sam Bisset
Marketing & Communications Director
Ranger Tugs & Cutwater Boats

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Reel Anglers Fishing Club

In Joe's Words:

The task was daunting - to build a two level site to match our unique needs. The first level has open pages to attract new members.
The secure "members only" would have multiple functions to support our unique standard - "to share and educate all that we know about fishing."
The Efinity team came through in a big way: a blog module with all the categories, a Fishing Trip Log, a comprehensive Member Roster for matching Captains with Mates.
It is all there and working like a charm. It's just the most efficient fishing site in Florida! (maybe anywhere!)

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Respite Choice

We found Efinitytech by happenstance after finding their profile on, which reflected a primary focus on web development and design for small businesses. This was exactly what we needed to launch our new business website.  In our first meeting, it was clear we were dealing with a highly capable team, and they took a sincere interest in transforming our prototype site into a true "go to market" website. We greatly appreciated the team’s expertise and guidance, and have enjoyed working with Efinitytech. We look forward to a long relationship as our business grows.

LaShaun Bellamy & Glenn Gregory
Founders of Respite Choice

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Rhino Manufacturing

Good work so far, we are liking the site.

Ben Reinhard
Rhino Mfg Inc.

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Recently, after Efinitytech made targeted updates and design modifications to the site; two new customers found us through Google searches; then called after reviewing our site and subsequently hired us! These are two new clients and jobs that we can directly attribute to recent conversion and optimization work on the website. That is ultimately the bottom line for SEO; Conversion of Business; 

I could not be happier!

Adrian M. Steik
Owner & President
Safe Consulting Services

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“The team at Efinity were great to work with throughout the entire redesign of our website. They really understood what we were looking for in updating the website to bring it more inline with our branding. From the initial concept meetings forward they took all of our input, ideas and changes and just ran with them culminating in a website we couldn't be happier with. The final design they have given us is a much more updated and modern canvas to really showcase all of our machines and projects going forward”

Dylon Craig
Engineering Manager
Sanitech Systems, Inc.

The team at Efinity Tech is a pleasure to work with. They transformed our website and made it easy to navigate and made it look great!

Thank you,
Alison Fairbanks
Website Administrator

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Sarvey Wildlife

Sarvey Wildlife Care Center has been working with EfinityTech for over six years now. As a small non-profit without an IT department and just a few employees, it is critical that we work with a company that is responsive and helpful when we have questions or concerns. We recently had the team at EfinityTech build us a new website and Aaron designed a new look that matched our vision perfectly. Our new website is fresh and inviting, but it is also able to grow and change with us. The addition of eCommerce features to our new site is exciting and will help us increase our fundraising goals. Everyone has been incredibly attentive to every detail from design, training, and even connecting me with a representative at PayPal to help streamline processing our online transactions. I have learned a lot about web hosting, eCommerce, and trends in online marketing from the team at EfinityTech. Thank you all for answering my questions and explaining things in a way that makes sense.

Suzanne West
Executive Director
Sarvey Wildlife Care Center

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Saybr Contractors

We are very appreciative of the guidance received from the Efinity team while we undertook the process of making our antiquated website current.

After investing the time listening to our concerns, the Efinity team was able to quickly craft a website that provides us with the marketing tools we needed to successfully promote our brand.   

Karen Say
Owner Saybr Contractors

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Seasalt Superstore

What you get with Efinityech that you won’t get with many ‘built it yourself’ platforms is a team approach to customer service, a deep desire to understand your business objectives and commitment towards partnership.

Paul Springer, CEO
Seasalt Superstore
Everett, WA


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Snyder Gas Consulting

In their words:

Although Jim is nearly impossible to pin down; :) Thankfully, Marietta gave us this report!

"Jim loves the site!"

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Spam Arrest

I Love It!

Louise Harb
Spam Arrest Director of Marketing

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St Theresa Catholic Church

The staff at St Theresa happily reports that, "The Website is really Looking Good", so much so they had us launch the redesign before the ecommerce was installed! 

"We’re delighted with our new website! Thank you to Vaughan, Aaron, and the efinity team for their patience and creativity to turn the vague requirements of staff and volunteers into an awesome website that’s modern, beautiful, and easy to use."

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Terry Allen Luxe

Hi Vaughan and Aaron,

Brandon here, (Terry's  Executive Assistant)

Terry likes the changes and is excited about the site!


And, directly from Terry,

Thank you! Much appreciated! 

Cheers ~Terry

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The Playroom Fairy

As a first time business owner, I have quickly learned that there are many, many challenges one comes up against when trying to get a new business off the ground. With so much that needs to be done, a fantastic website design, a major consideration, was something that I knew I needed help with.

The team at Efinity Tech was extremely helpful and supportive while I attempted to describe how I needed the site to function for my business, and the general aesthetic I was looking for. Working with them during the design process felt like a true partnership, and they ended up showing me a beautiful design that was so much more than I could have come up with on my own, but still felt representative of my business and my taste. I wasn’t sure how collaborative the process would be, and in the end I was very pleased with their methods.

I was impressed with their timeliness and how quickly they turned my project into a reality. They offered to train me in how to operate the control center for my site, so that I would have complete control over the content and look of my site in the future. Vaughan Seifert, especially, was readily available throughout the process to answer my questions and help me figure out which direction to go with for the design of my site.

Overall, I can’t recommend the experience of working with Efinity Tech enough. With so many areas that require a business owner’s attention, it is such a relief to have strong tech support, and to have the help of experts during the startup period. Efinity made it so much easier to get The Playroom Fairy up and running!

Natalie Vires

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Thrive Community Fitness

We were in need of a total makeover of our online presence.  We had a long standing relationship with Efinitytech but had not used their design services and custom built website for several years.  The process Efinitytech took us through was extensive and very comprehensive, reviewing our brand, our positioning in the marketing place and most importantly the design elements we valued in other well recognized websites.  The final product is stunning from our perspective and speaks very well to the nature of our business and the members we serve.  Additionally we have begun using multiple other services such as Blog, Survey’s and Ecommerce all integrated to our website.  I believe we received excellent value for the investment we made and look forward to working with the Efinitytech team for many years to come.

Aaron Culver
Thrive Community Fitness

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Trumark Athletics

We acquired TruMark Athletics in the fall of 2014 and decided to rebrand as part of a grander vision for the business. The most important avenue for us to reach our customers is our website, which we wanted redone to present customers the image we had for the future of our business. With professionalism and user-experience at the top of our mind, we began work with Efinity Tech to redo the entire site from top to bottom. The Efinity team understood our vision and worked with us closely and quickly to make the site a reality. Their professionalism, support, advice and hard-work continued through launch and into the “tweaking” phase as well as helping us with our SEO and our first e-newsletters.  We highly recommend Efinity Tech and appreciate all the hard work they put in to helping us create a beautiful website that is the most important asset of our business.

Tim McLarn,
CEO of TruMark Athletics

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U-40 Rod Building Products

Once upon a time there was an old outdated website that lived at When it came into the world long time ago it was thought to be a gem, and perhaps it was…..of sorts.  As the decades passed its shine waned and ultimately dulled.   Though in some of its pages, amidst the dust and cobwebs, lay some helpful information its cover had become dull and unappealing.

Enter……… "Efinity Tech" creating a completely NEW U-40 website for us!!!  What a difference….what a contrast!  We are so proud of the new website!  Not only is it very appealing in appearance but is packed with helpful resources for the custom fishing rod craft it serves, even providing links to step-by-step, how-to build a fishing rod videos.  This alone has provided multiple more good reasons for visiting the new website.   In addition the practical feature of the new map function will make it very easy for fishing rod builders to find both our dealers, both brick and mortar and online.  All the dealer contact info they need you have made very easily accessible.

We are particularly jazzed about being able to do much of the future editing of the website myself using your VSM Tools function!  Your tutorial videos are helping us through the basics.   Any questions we have you respond very quickly via email or phone, often within a minute or two.  That’s amazing!!!   

Thank-you Efinity Tech for a great website publishing experience!  And thank-you for your ongoing support to help keep us on the cutting edge of today’s marketing via our websites!

Kindest Regards,

Dan Metcalf
Trondak Inc.


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VDB Estates

Looking for a company to re-design and overhaul a website proves to be a challenge if you want a quality final product that will function as the web evolves and be friendly on various devices. There are endless options for web design/development companies, near and far, but we at VDB Estates wanted to keep this project local and help foster a strong PNW economy.

Choosing Efinity Tech allowed us to bring a fresh, functional new website to our customers and helped showcase our business in a light that had never been done before. Along with building our site, they have also proven to be a valuable asset when customized software tools were needed. Developing tools that streamlined our workflow allowed us to be more productive and meet quicker deadlines more frequently. We greatly appreciate the quick response and continual communication from them and would highly recommend Efinity Tech to anyone looking for a simple re-design, complete overhaul or custom software tools and applications.

Jedidiah Gardner
Creative Director
VDB Estates

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Van Pelt Group

It has been a pleasure working with Efinitytech. Vaughan, Aaron and the group perform their work with excellence. They are enjoyable to work  with, creative, and insightful. They are open to exploring a variety of different approaches for the best outcome. I would highly recommend Efinitytech for any of your website design and website support needs. 

Win Van Pelt
Managing Broker,
VanPelt Group

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Woodinville Florist

EfinityTech has provided a wonderful experience for myself and my business. They were friendly and professional when they initially developed my website in 2008, and the support they have provided since is beyond compare. I was pleased to be offered SEO management services and ecstatic with the results! One month I saw a 300% increase in orders placed through the website and my sales over all have shown a 10% increase year to date which I can only attribute to the  fine SEO work of Efinity. I no longer worry about my website, it looks great, functions well and people can find it thanks to Efinity.

Oriana Hammerstrom
Woodinville Florist

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AAA Pump and Well Drilling

The team at Efinity Tech is unparalleled at what they do.  We first approached them with wanting to rebuild our existing website.  After our initial conversation they presented us with a bid and a time line that they stuck to.  When it was needed they helped us write the content for our pages and provided much needed technical support and inspiration for this part of the project as well.  The finished product far exceeded my expectations and proves again that when it comes to professional services, you get what you pay for.  

We started out with a simple vision for remaking our website from scratch and Efinity Tech delivered a site that I am pleased to send my Customers to. Our site now provides a platform for us to show what we do as a company as well as being a source of information for our industry.  This could not have come together with out Efinity Tech's vision and work.

Juan Herman
AAA Pump and Well Drilling

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Terrene Homes 2017

Thank you so much for the work your team did to create our new website.  We are super excited for the final product.  Your team did an outstanding job of creating the imagery and functionality we were looking for.   Your team was able to understand the ins and outs of our unique business very quickly and was able design the site to work perfectly with our sales and marketing process.  We couldn't be happier with the end result.

Wade Metz
General Manager
Terrene Homes

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Swans Trail Farms

In their Words:

We have worked with Efinity for many years and it was a pleasure to work with them again on our new site. They accommodated us on a very fast deadline and helped us to launch in time for the fall season! Vaughan and Aaron also had some excellent suggestions that improved our working design. It has been a great collaboration.

Thank you to you and your team for your hard work on getting this site live!


Sionna Spear Designer, & Sandee Acevedo Manager
Swans Trail Farms

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