Professional Web Development

Web Development, apart from the development of a website, which primarily encompasses the work with a client and the design of a website,  refers generally to the tools and infrastructure for carrying out the process. Ironically, the actual development of the web, which is not contemplated here, is best left to a search on Google for origins of the web or internet!

With that said, at Efinitytech, web development is conducted completely in-house by our experienced developers and programmers. In 2004, Mark and Vaughan set about developing VSM Tools, VSM, being the acronym for (Virtal Site Manager, or Management). This development system has become the primary and essentially the only platform upon which we develop websites. In brief, we use Microsoft Software, ASP.NET and SQL as our primary tools. We also host in a Microsoft environment using IIS web hosting. Many other modern tools such as Java Script are also used in addition to HTML in web development at Efinitytech.

Powerful, Supported, Easy to Use CMS

We not only support our CMS for all clients; we also enhance the system and keep it functioning for all major browsers. Efinitytech has hundreds of clients using our CMS, and we support them all and we continuously work to enhance the platform to make the user experience even better.  Our clients consistently report that our current system is easier to use than other major CMS systems on the market, explicitly including; WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and Drupal.

We use our system on our own website site and on virtually every site we develop to provide exceptional functionality and ease of use. The Efinitytech CMS  enables us to provide custom functionality to meet your precise website functionality needs and is not subject to the extraordinary risks and difficulties of hacking exposure brought about by open source plug ins.

Web Development That's Reliable

A recent, article by ZDNet illustrates this vulnerability. Open Source is extremely vulnerable to hacking as there is no automatic support for plug ins or older themes in the open source model. Free plug ins come with a steep price! We have spent as much as $2,000 to remedy a non-functioning WordPress plug in for a pharmaceutical company and the result was not exactly what they desired. More recently, I spoke with a new Client who previously hired a developer to continuously update their WordPress Plug-ins and Themes. This need is completely obviated by our fully supported CMS.

Many of our clients, (former WordPress users), have faced this issue in the market; which is underappreciated by virtually everyone, until they run afoul of the issues.

The benefit of a supported CMS is security, protection from hacking, and getting precisely what you want and support when you need it in a timely manner. Personally, and professionally I have witnessed this with our clients, especially those who come from bad experiences needing a reliable platform and a responsive developer.

Our Web Development includes and incorporates: extraordinary website design support, unlimited client support, a fully integrated and comprehensive Ecommerce Platform, Blog System, Newsletter Module, Data Driven Content, such as Projects, Employee Directories, Property Listings, Membership Directory Listings, Custom Google Map Displays, Calendar Systems, as well as the primary functionality of page creation and management, Navigation management, Image management, Photo Gallery Tools, Scheduled page publication and much more, to meet your most demanding needs.

Proven Track Record

By virtue of this programming environment, SQL Databases, and an extraordinary 15 year investment in VSM, our Content Management System, aka CMS, Efinitytech is able to develop, support and maintain extraordinary websites for businesses and organizations with functionality and support for the most demanding designs as well as the development of extensive custom supported modules and software to meet the most demanding needs.

Our web based CMS, is among the earliest examples of "the cloud" before the term was coined. In fact, Efinitytech’s CMS predates virtually every other system in the business.  It is widely used by hundreds of clients, including ourselves. In our industry, this is known as "eating your own dogfood", and it is a testament to the great benefit and suitability of our system, that our own website developers find our system to be both beneficial and efficient to the development of demanding websites.