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Vice President / Marketing & Sales

About Vaughan

Vaughan was born and raised on the East Coast in the middle of the last century, then on to college in Boston, earning a BS and MS in Manufacturing Engineering along with an MBA, all from Boston University. He worked nights at UPS loading tractor trailers to help finance his education. After college, Vaughan worked at Gillette, as an Industrial Engineer, followed by Parker Brothers and General Mills. Then on to C R Bard, a medical device manufacturer specializing in Angioplasty and Radio Frequency Catheters and devices for electrical mapping of the heart.

At C R Bard, he progressed from manufacturing to product design and development and finally to R&D and Management. Subsequently, he accepted a management position in Smith & Nephew in their surgical device group. While working in the Medical Device Industry, Vaughan earned a suite of patents for Catheters and Surgical Devices, with rights belonging to those corporations.

Then; breaking from the corporate world, Vaughan co-published a cookbook, and worked in real estate, where he built his very first  extremely simple websites to promote properties!

Taking an exciting opportunity as a co-founder of a startup was pivotal in his career. Dishes Direct, was an early Ecommerce website and fine china retail shop based in Kennebunkport Maine. The website comprised some 10,000 items from over 14 manufacturers, which had to be procured, photographed and databased for website sales. Along the way there was the build out and running of the retail store and the management of the New York based website programmers. Unfortunately; the timing and funding for the venture were caught in the dot-com crash, precipitating the dismantling of the business and website. Nonetheless, that experience was the fundamental springboard to his current endeavors at Efinitytech, which are unequivocally the best and most rewarding of his long career!

Thereafter he relocated to the Seattle area, a much more opportune locale for working in the web and tech field. There, as a project manager for a small group of investors, he first met and hired Mark at Efinitytech to design and develop a highly functional website in the real estate field. The project was involved and innovative, enabling the transaction of properties on line. The investor group lost interest after he and Mark delivered the fully functioning site and back end. While the site worked exceptionally well, external factors, such as a change in support from eBay and differences in objectives of the investors led to the dissolution of the venture.

With over 6 months working together, he and Mark had developed a great working relationship. At that juncture, Mark asked Vaughan to work with him at Efinitytech. Vaughan reports that since then, (June of 2004), developing the business and working with clients to meet their website needs and objectives is the most rewarding work of his career! Helping  clients achieve their goals and providing them with high quality websites, is tremendously satisfying for them and for Efinitytech! 

Currently; a great amount of his recreational time is spent Golfing! As he reports; Pam, his spouse and incredibly wonderful woman, golfs with him almost every weekend!

In addition, he serves as the Board President of Grass Roots Junior Golf Foundation, a charity to enable and encourage children to learn golf through affordable coaching, play and competition with real equipment on real golf courses!

Photo taken at & with appreciation to the Historic Flight Foundation.