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Domains! What's old is new again!

10.2.2018 / SEO

Most of you have had your domains for some time. More recently; and in reality for quite a long time now, with new or existing ventures, procuring that great, "just right" domain name has proven to be very challenging! We have helped and registered domains for some 200 clients over the years! The exciting news is the extensive list of new TLDs, (Top Level Domains). This expands your options dramatically. Two of our clients; blueheron.tech and peacebypeace.faith are taking advantage newer "extensions"!

Since 1985, (when the first 6 TLDs were released), the number of possible domain extensions has expanded dramatically since those first six extensions, (.com, .org, .net, .edu .gov, and .mil). Through Network Solutions we have direct access to 469 TLDs!

Efinitytech is a domain registrar, reselling Network Solutions registration services. Network Solutions is the original domain registrar, and one of the very best registrars we have ever worked with! . It is important to note that virtually all of these new TLDs are more expensive than the original 6 Domains and furthermore, many TLDs are country codes which have stringent requirements of the registrant, such as a residence in the country to allow them to be procured. We have had success with .ca registration for a Canadian client!

Contact Efinitytech for help with your new site, design, domain name, custom functionality or any web related need you may have!

We gratefully acknowledge Brianna Grantham for her help editing this post!