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December 2015 Newsletter

12.1.2015 / SEO, Website Launch

Merry Christmas!

Thanks to you, our excellent clients, we are happy to count 2015 a successful year!

Featured Website - Ranger Tugs

Please join us in congratulating Sam Bisset of Ranger Tugs on the launch of their most exciting website! 

Custom Efinitytech Design

Custom Build A Boat

In Sam's words;

"Working with efinitytech to design and build our new website was a great experience. Each member of the team brought their unique talents and skill set to the project and it was a pleasure working with each of them. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback on our new site and traffic is up! Looking forward to our next project with Efinitytech."

See more of our portfolio at: www.efinitytech.com

VSMTools Tips

Recently, while supporting a long time client we discovered that some great functionality in VSM is not widely recognized. Below are two such powerful features.

1. Link from Gallery Thumbnail to Webpage

Our custom gallery tool enables you to easily create a photo gallery with Title and Description with thumbnails that zoom out to a larger view of the image. But, did you know that the thumbnails and Titles can also link to other pages in your site? Simply uncheck the default "Lightbox in the gallery setting and insert the complete URL of the desired target page into the Link Field below the Title Field.

Your thumbnails will now link to the desired page in your site!

Do put a suitable Title to go with the photo for best presentation as well as for Search Indexing.

2. Single Image link to Zoom View

There is an easy to method to link a small image to a large zoomed image. Start by selecting the small image on the page in the editor, then going to the Links tool and selecting the desired large image by browsing your Website Image Folder System and critically, checking the Large Lightbox selection and inserting the Link! 

Note: Ensure the smaller image and larger images are uploaded to your Website Images/Document Library first

SEO/SEM: Trumark Athletics Business Website Success

We want to extend a heart felt thank you to Chrissy of Trumark Athletics for sharing this intriguing and powerful success story:

"I know that the # of website views and sales numbers for online orders is down compared to the previous owners site, but what you cannot see is that we are getting high quality phone calls and closing most orders through a different channel than the website. For example; a customer who abandoned their cart which had a $1,300 order called the next day to place the order over the phone. This is happening often. Our inquiries this year are not to clarify product details because the old site was confusing; instead, they call or email to ask valid questions or to obtain a quote. 

Since I know you can only see the website stats, I just wanted to provide this insight and let you know that we are attributing a lot of this success to the new website.

Thanks for all of your hard work and helping us through our first “busy season!”

Chrissy McLarn

TruMark Athletics

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