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August 2015 Newsletter

8.1.2015 / SEO

Saybr Contractors: Mobile Redesign With Projects!

Please join us in congratulating the team at Saybr Contractors on the launch of their enhanced and redesigned website! 

Custom Mobile Efinitytech Design

Projects System Enhancement

Saybr is one of our very long term clients and we are extremely pleased that they decided to engage in a complete redesign that is mobile responsive and includes a vibrant presentation of their company and projects. 

See more of our work on: Efinitytech-Portfolio

Faster Webpage Loading With VSM!

You may be aware that we continuously improve VSM with new features and functionality to help you manage your site; but you might not realize that In addition to keeping your site compatible with major browsers, we redevelop website infrastructure on an ongoing basis to enhance the performance of your website directly!

The improvements to the coding of VSM websites keeps them compatible with browser changes and ensures they work better and faster over time! We also add support for new coding tools that provide updated functionality. Typically; every year or two we undertake a major upgrade of the code of all sites. This ensures that your site remains functionally competitive and greatly extends the life of your site.

The current update is a significant improvement to the Navigation System. Through a strategic rewrite of the programming which uses one tenth the server resources, primarily in SQL; the navigation system is rendered ten times faster than it previously took. For sites with significant navigation systems, especially ecommerce sites, the page load speed is materially and noticeably faster. In general, the improvement in page load is between 20 and 40%. Every VSM site benefits from this update!

Google Phantom - Panda 4.2?

The folks in the SEO world are very creative at naming updates to Google's algorithm. The Google Phantom update is a fundamental algorithm change to discern the quality of content. The approximately 29th update of Panda is rolling out to continue Google's quest to downrank sites with poor quality. Technical experts, who analyze these changes found that the Phantom Update affected sites with deliberate low quality structure, such as those with long lists of links in the default page.

We are very happy to see this trend. Quality content is a fundamental attribute of good websites. This is one of the reasons we like Google. As they continue to be more discriminating in their algorithm, it rewards those who invest in good quality sites. The days of packing keywords for search visibility are long gone. 

Our unwavering fundamental strategy is more appropriate than ever; keep your content original, updated, well written, interesting, well-organized and informative. Also, be sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors. This has been and will continue to be our advice to every client. It is more important than ever.

Success With SEO & SEM

With Efinitytech's SEO & SEM consultation; Longacre Racing has seen their Organic traffic increase 74.3% in June of 2015 compared to June of 2014. This is accompanied by their highest monthly sales in their 37 year history!

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