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January 2014 Newsletter

1.1.2014 / SEO

NOTICE: VSM - Internet Explorer Incompatibility

Due to extensive inconsistency in the IE browser family and incompatibility with current web standards; compounded by the persistence of the multiple active versions of IE, Efinitytech no longer supports using VSM on any version of IE. 
Please use Firefox or Safari; Chrome is also viable, with some minor issues.

Note: Your website will continue to work on Internet Explorer, however older versions may not support more advanced display functions.

Happy New Year From Efinitytech!

We look forward to another great year helping make your website even more productive for your business! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Featured Website: Efinitytech.Com

It is our pleasure to announce the redesign of our own website! Nearly always pushed down the priority list below client sites and projects, we managed to pull this off just in time for 2014! Taking our own advice, which we are very fond of dispensing to our clients, to keep their site design, infrastructure and content up to date, is particularly challenging, as client projects always get priority. Many thanks to Aaron McBroom and Richard Greenfield, who persevered to make this happen!

Custom Website Designs

Please visit our portfolio at: www.efinitytech.com/old-website-portfolio.aspx

SEO: Did You Know?

No, not another update. Did you know that Google:

  1. Measures the load time of your pages
  2. Checks the expiration of your domain
  3. Looks to see if your site is Mobile Responsive
  4. Does not just index your site; they copy every page of it onto their servers
  5. Revisits your site, depending how often you make updates
  6. Checks your spelling and grammar

Contact us to improve your site's position on Google searches and grow your business!

VSM: Ecommerce Responsive Designs

In 2013, approximately 30% of website sales were transacted on mobile devices.

Is your Ecommerce site responsive? Be sure to make that transaction easier for your consumer to reduce balking and increase sales!

Why Smart Businesses Have Federal Trademark Registration

By: Lucas S. Michels, Attorney, Ironmark Law Group, PLLC

Entrepreneurs and small business owners often ask me why they should bother registering their trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). After all, a business that uses its trademark for an extended period of time may qualify for legal rights in its mark without registration (known as a common law trademark). Furthermore, the federal trademark registration process can be time consuming, confusing and does not guarantee registration. Despite these legitimate concerns, there are so many benefits to federal trademark registration of which start-ups and small businesses should be aware. Here are some of the most important benefits. Read More >

Reminder - VSM Webstats Changing To Google!

Efinitytech discontinued our VSM Webstats at the end of 2013. In its place we are presenting simplified Google Analytics website traffic data. We encourage and recommend that you utilize Google Analytics or other tracking system of your choice. We will help you install the necessary codes. Once in place, we can consult with you to further understand your Analytics data and work with you to increase your website search rank, traffic and business!

Why Send Periodic Company Newsletters?

Apart from the primary reason to have a regular Newsletter; did you know that it is a great way to drive traffic to your site, and can give you an automatic addition to the content of your website? If you create a newsletter archive it becomes additional and current content! Just what the SEO doctor ordered.

Have you noticed our Business Contributor Articles? Not only can you present useful information for your customers and archive it on your site for the SEO benefit; it is a great source of useful, relevant and unique content that you do not have to produce! Consider soliciting an article targeted specifically to your clients from trusted service providers to whom you would refer to your customers. That results in three wins; SEO for you, information for your customers, and marketing for your contributors.