Upload your Images & Documents From Anywhere

Within the VSM platform you have full access to your images and documents. At any time you can easily upload new images, PDF's, documents or videos to the system and simply add them to any page on your website.

The images/documents manager allows you full control to create folders, galleries, resize images, fully edit images, and also move/copy files to any other location.


Image Manipulation


Whether it's a quick resize or full image manipulation, VSM facilitates all aspects of editing your image. With our quick resizer you can resize an image as new or resize the existing image and replace it.

If you need more functionality, within our full image editor you can do almost anything to your images. From resizing, cropping, adding stylized filters, removing red eye, adding a border, and even adding text.

Gallery Creation

No need to navigate away from your images to create a gallery. VSM's gallery tool allows you to create a gallery using any folder you have images in, or by adding a new folder.

Just upload your images into the folder you want, create a gallery out of that folder and you're done. Any time you want to add new images to your gallery you just upload them to the folder you created and they are automatically published to the website.


Multi-File Upload


VSM includes a multi-image/multi-file uploader for your convenience. The uploader shows your progress for each file and your total progress as it uploads.

The multi-uploader also re-sizes your images for you. If you have a large number of images from a digital camera, just place them in the multi-file uploader and they will be automatically re-sized to 1200px for quick loading on the web. .