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February 2016 Newsletter

1.26.2016 / SEO, Website Launch

Featured Website

Congratulations to Rod Drivstuen on the launch and success of the Hide A Hose Website!

Custom Efinitytech 
Video Integrated Design

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Google Map Integration

Visit our portfolio at: www.efinitytech.com

Hide A Hose Success

One month after launch of their new site, traffic has doubled! Due to many factors addressed in the new site design and build, including Efinitytech's SEO Consulting and Implementation, the new site quickly eclipsed the traffic of the old site. We look forward to strong growth and impact on Hide A Hose's business going forward.


Efinitytech's Ongoing Server Investment

Efinitytech continues to invest in equipment to enhance our hosting abilities to benefit every client website. We have added a Powerful, High End, High Capacity NAS Storage Server to our server rack with greatly increased capacity and faster Input/Output.

This improves all server operations and provides a more flexible approach to hosting, recovery, fail over, and backup.

Microsoft Terminates Support Of Old Versions Of IE!!! 

Finally! Thankfully! As of Jan 12, 2016; old versions of IE are no longer supported.

Be absolutely certain you are not using IE 8, 9 or 10, (with just a few exceptions). Using any of these outdated versions is a serious security risk and many sites will not work properly with anything other than new browsers. Read More.

Also, the Microsoft Operating Systems: Windows XP and Windows 8 are no longer supported. You will also want to be aware that Windows 7 Mainstream support ended Jan 13, 2015; although security updates will continue until Jan 14, 2020. By that time, you will need to upgrade to a current Windows OS.

The best practice is to upgrade your Windows PC to Windows 10 or at a minimum update your browser to IE 11 or Edge.

This is a most welcome step by Microsoft in its apparent and crucial strategy to bring its browsers up to the level of performance of its competitors, Safari, Firefox and Chrome, all of which are automatically updated and therefore supported every time they are opened. That enables safe browsing and good, up to date performance by the browsers.

28 Backspaces? Or How To Hack A Linux Machine Read More

Sounds like something a programmer from the 1970's would hard code into his software, so he could easily access any of his software installations. Open Source software is free and not necessarily supported. This is a serious vulnerability and very suspicious.

Jan 19; Linux Zero Day Flaw; Tens Of Millions Of Servers, And Over Half Of All Android Devices At Risk Read More

No need to belabor the point; this story ripped from recent week's headlines.

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