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September 2014 Newsletter

9.1.2014 / SEO

MTR Western & Tulalip Luxeline

We trust that everyone enjoyed a spectacular and successful summer!

We are pleased to present two of the four sister sites of MTR Western!

VSM Content Management
Search Optimization & Marketing


Efinitytech Custom Design
VSM Content Management

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"Back To School" With Google SEO101
Google: Librarian, Judge & English Teacher

For over ten years we have been consulting with our clients on the search visibility and success of their websites. We have found that imagining Google as various professionals is helpful in guiding the development of sites. Our favored anthropomorphic identities of the Google Algorithm being; Librarian, Judge, and High School English Teacher!

The Librarian: It has probably been years since most of us have been to a library; however, most of us remember what a librarian does. Their fundamental role being great at finding you the most relevant articles, books and references for your topic of interest. This will include those publications with significant and recent information about the topic, including those with entire sections, chapters, articles and even titles mentioning the topic. The materials of choice will be authoritative and well researched.

The Judge: In court, it is imperative that your case be well organized and presented. One must also have a preponderance of evidence to back it up. Bare assertions, simple lists, and few pages, are not convincing compared to thorough, well documented information. Your website is your presentation and supporting evidence. Google is the judge, jury and executioner. Fortunately you have an unlimited ability to improve and retry your case! Google will take notice of, and reevaluate your site on the basis of every word, page, photo, or video that you post. You can even request a retrial whenever you like! Just be careful; the judge does not appreciate automated or frivolous requests.

The High School English Teacher: We can all remember what they wanted; well written, original and thorough assignments, not too repetitious, correct grammar and spelling, well organized, logical, insightful and useful, good introductory sentences in the paragraphs, a good title,... need I go on? I am sure you get the idea.

If you endeavor to please these task masters you can virtually guarantee success!

Efinitytech will be happy to devise the right Organic Optimization Plan for your site! 

Email, Sales@efinitytech.com, or call 360.805.8483

VSM: Just A Few Highlights!

An unlimited number of images can be utilized for each product!
Products & Categories have Page Title & Description Tag for better SEO!
Local Pickup Delivery Scheduler allows you to block specific days for pickup 

Would you like to know exactly who opened and clicked on your Newsletter? 
Opens and Clicks by Individual Email recipient is available!

Form Logging:
See how far a visitor got if they did not succeed in completing a form!

Multiple File Upload: 
Now uses HTML5 Code; Faster, better, more reliable! 
Old Silverlight code, which required a plug in, was inconsistent in some browsers is gone.

IPhone 6 Announced - Is Your Site Mobile Responsive?

With record breaking sales and pre order sellout in the first weekend; it is clear that the trend towards mobile, is going nowhere but up! We see something in the neighborhood of 30% to 40% of traffic on many sites coming from mobile devices. Don't miss out on the massive mobile market. You should know that Google down ranks your site for mobile based searches if your site lacks mobile responsive design and infrastructure.

Call or email to arrange a mobile responsive design enhancement for your site!