Email Hosting

At Efinity Technologies we use Mail Enable Enterprise software built to support small, medium, or large businesses. The flexible nature of our email system allows you to customize and manage your email accounts from anywhere. Add new users, create custom filters, redirect email addresses, and retrieve your email all within our easy to use admin panel. With 99.9+% uptime your email will always be available 24 hours a day so you never miss an important message.

Our complete webmail system allows any user to retrieve their email from any location without hassle. The webmail also allows you to customize your account, signature, spam filters, manage blacklists, and organize your email into shared or private folders. Many other email providers only give you email service with no backups. At Efinitytech we have an extensive email backup system with over 180 days of backed up email messages, any new email you deleted within the last 6 months is easily retrieved.

All our email services are stored in a secure co-location provided by Fibercloud in Everett Washington. Fibercloud not only requires unique keycards for door access, but also state of the art fingerprint identification to the server room. The room is also climate controlled and keep dust free to ensure our servers and your data are kept in the best of operating environments.