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Blog: VSM Tutorials

HWY2 Fusion Diner - "Energy Food?"

3.17.2024 / Website Launch, Support
HWY2 Fusion Diner serves Delicious Mexican - American Cuisine! We greatly enjoy working with Humberto, Lillian, & Marcelo, - Owners of The HWY2 Mexican-American Fusion Diner! We frequent HWY... Read More

How To Optimize Images for Websites

12.20.2021 / SEO, Case Studies, Support, All
From time to time, web experts have emphasized the importance of adding visuals to content. The pictures make your web pages more appealing and attractive for the users while increasing engagement and... Read More

Secure Email offered by Efinitytech!

8.18.2020 / Support
Efinitytech Offers Secure Email at No Additional Cost! Convert your efinitytech email accounts to send and receive email securely.  All Efinitytech email accounts now have the ability to send ... Read More

Best Way to get Email Support

7.2.2020 / Support
Have you had the unfortunate situation that your email, (provided by efinitytech) is not functioning, and you cannot raise anyone on the office phone? If you do not have another working email, it can ... Read More

VSM Newsletter Enhancement: Reply Email Address

6.19.2020 / Support
Now, you can set a reply address for your VSM Newsletter which will enable a recipient to successfully send a reply to your designated email! To have your VSM Newsletter reply email set, just ask! ... Read More

Your Website Title: How Important? How Long? & What Should It Be? And Surprise!

2.5.2020 / SEO, Support
To put the importance of your Site Title in perspective: It is the most prominent thing searchers will see if you are included in their search results! Google is well aware of this and highly reg... Read More

Another Threat: Text Phishing!

2.2.2020 / Support
In case you are not familiar; Phishing is an email or message disguised to look legitimate, with an attachment, or link, if opened, will subject you to Ransomware, or hack into your passwords or destr... Read More

WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities Expose 320,000 Websites! AKA... Why You Should Hire Efinitytech and Use VSM!

1.14.2020 / Support
As reported on January 15th, 2020 by ZDNet; Read their Article; Two WordPress plugins, InfiniteWP Client And WP Time Capsule, contain serious security vulnerabilities that have opened up an estimated ... Read More

Running Windows 7? We Certainly Hope Not!

1.13.2020 / Support
Our friends at Microsoft are at long last sunsetting Support for Windows 7. As of this January 14, 2020, according to Microsoft, you will no longer receive: Any Technical Support, Software Updates, or... Read More

Silence Robo Calls with iOS 13!

12.2.2019 / Support
Your iPhone with iOS 13 Can Stop Spammers & Unknown Callers from Ringing your phone and send them Directly to Voicemail! To activate this fantastic enhancement: 1. Go to Settings: 2. Phone: ... Read More

April 24-25 Server Move Complete!

5.1.2019 / Support
As of Thursday Morning April 25th; all Servers and Sites were successfully moved! The planning and execution of this monumental task is thanks to an incredible and herculean effort by Mark & Dylan... Read More

VSM Update Notice: Ecommerce Update for Shipping

3.15.2017 / Support, All
We've recently made an update to the VSM ecommerce platform that may have an impact on your site management.  It's related to the way that box sizes are referenced for shipping.  Previously ... Read More

Managing Large Images in VSM

1.24.2017 / Support, All
A recent enhancement to VSM will allow you to quickly see if any jpeg images you have uploaded are oversized.  Any images over 500KB from every folder in the images and documents location are pre... Read More

Adding Images to Your Blog Post

3.28.2016 / Support, All
Adding images to your blog is easy, but there are three ways to do it. This post will show you those three ways. Read More

How to Add a YouTube or Vimeo Video to a Page

11.6.2015 / Support, All
Adding a video to a page can greatly improve the time that a user spends on that page. To add a video in VSM, you will first need the embed code for that video. Read More

Resizing Images in VSM

10.14.2015 / Support, All
Finding the correct size for an image can sometimes be difficult, but this tutorial will give you the low-down on finding the perfect size. Read More