Would your customers or clients benefit from features not possible on a website?

Would you like to provide or sell access to significant information and functionality to your customers on their mobile devices? These and other factors may warrant the development of a Mobile App.

We developed the Cepher Mobile Application to meet their needs and offer an affordable alternative for their global customers. The Cepher on mobile is easily searchable, stores all information on the phone so it works without web access and is fully functional on both IOS and Android tablets and phones.

Cepher Mobile App

Announcing the new את CEPHER App!

Now, you can have this amazing book at your fingertips by downloading it to your mobile device.

Gallery: Cepher Mobile App

The new App allows you to search the scriptures by key word, book, chapter and verse and is loaded with extra features including:

  •  - Note-taking capability.
  •  - Highlighting available in seven different colors.
  •  - The Lexicon of all the transliterated words found in the את CEPHER.
  •  - The Daily Hebrew Prayers.
  •  - Links to the Weekly Torah Portion, Dr. Stephen Pidgeon’s blog, articles and other free downloads available on their website.