Effective Search Engine Optimization means More Business from your Website

Efinitytech has been providing high level local search engine optimization (seo) and digital marketing consulting to clients since 2010 with excellent results.  Our experience and expertise enables us to help your site achieve high search rank, click through rates and increased business

Our approach is to work with you and help achieve your goals. Unlike other companies, we work with you to provide in office meetings, SEO reports, content development, ad campaign management, marketing analytics, and newsletter management.

Quality Traffic + Proven Business Strategies = Success

At Efinitytech it's more than just SEO; we provide a complete and personal service that focuses on your business needs for all your online marketing. We help you not only get better visibility in search with google, bing and yahoo, but also bring in customers from other focus areas you may not be reaching. As we work to increase traffic, we strive to ensure that the traffic is relevant to your business and brings in sales. This includes customer retention, analytics reports, keyword traffic rankings, marketing strategy, event tracking, customer involvement tracking, and more.

SEO Strategy

The first step is to perform keyword search term research to identify the relevant terms and phrases being searched for your products and services. Then we analyze your site and optimize the relevant pages and strategies to position your site for the desired terms.and asses the quality of the page based on the search queries you want to rank for. We analyze the meta tags and meta descriptions and content which are key ranking factors used to provided visibility in search. Finally, we look at the user experience. We will suggest small changes to the design and content that will make your page seem more inviting and easy to use.  All optimization is carefully carried out through keyword research that will determine not what you think people search for, which is a common mistake for businesses, but what people search for in reality is for what they term your services or products.

An excellent example of what can be achieved with organic SEO is to search for Business Attorney, Monroe, WA. You will undoubtedly find Baxter Legal at the very top of the organic search results. This is due to an ongoing SEO collaboration with Baxter Legal effort on website.