Our Mission

Our mission at Efinity Technologies is to provide our clients with the best possible value and service consistent with Christian values and ethics. We devote the time and effort necessary to develop lasting relationships with our customers. At Efinity we recognize that our clients' success reflects our own.

Our History

Efinity Technologies was founded January of 1998 in the greater Seattle area by Mark DeLong and Paul Myers. Originally called DM Graphics, the company's focus at the time was graphic and website design.  As the company grew and expanded the focus shifted to include programming services.  In August of 2000 the company incorporated and became Efinity Technologies, with a focus on custom website design, e-commerce solutions, and custom programmed web applications.

Growth was dramatic until the downturn and "dot bomb" hit in 2001.  Weathering the storm, EfinityTech continued to provide e-commerce and website development during the lean years of the internet and saw the need to provide a better solution for clients. The result was Efinitytech's virtual site management system, or VSM, a collaboration of Vaughan Seifert and Mark DeLong. This content management system coupled with Efinitytech's established clients and website development process has become the core product and focus of the company. Expanding on that focus we have grown to include search engine optimization services, mobile website designs, application development, and expanded hosting services.

Efinity Technologies has experienced significant change over the years and has met the challenges while not losing focus of what makes us great; our clients.  Recently we have moved to new offices east of Seattle in Monroe, WA, to better facilitate our operations. Efinity Technologies continues to grow; providing dynamic website designs for established and startup businesses all managed within our complete content management system. Please view more of our work in our portfolio.

Business Model and Practices

At Efinity Technologies, our fundamental business model is to provide our clients with websites and software that are both highly functional and cost effective.  Since 1998 we have developed many hundreds of websites, and a substantial number of custom software solutions. This experience gives us the ability to provide the best value and function in the industry.  Our content managed websites combine custom design with powerful user control through our industry leading  content management system. The VSM software is the key to our sites being cost effective, powerful business tools in an easy to manage solution.

In practice, all of our client websites are built on our content management system, which is continuously enhanced and improved. We run this system on our own servers, giving us unparalleled ability to manage and manipulate the services.  VSM (Virtual Site Manager) is our own software which we write and update in-house.

Through the combination of custom design with fully integrated, hosted, and supported content management, our clients have the best of website solutions at extremely cost effective pricing. Our content management clients are able to work an unlimited amount on their sites, and can expand and update their sites at will, anytime, from any internet connected computer. As our VSM content management system is server based, every client is always on the same software version with all the benefits and enhancements available to them immediately as the system is updated.  As an additional benefit, all professional website solutions come with a lifetime of browser support. This means that we will update your website infrastructure to ensure it displays properly in all major browser's at no incremental charge to you.

One of the most significant and inherent benefits of the VSM content management system is the ability for the client to perform their own search engine optimization. Fundamentally, organic search engine optimization is largely a matter of having the right content, which is updated frequently. All our professional website clients receive an initial training in the use of the content management system and a consultation on search engine optimization strategy.

Our unique combination of design, content management, support & training including organic search consultation, is the foundation of our business model. Efinitytech is clearly unique in the industry and provides the most cost effective website solutions on the market today.

We look forward to working with you on your website needs!