Data Driven Content

As the internet progresses, easy manipulation of content becomes more and more valuable. Within VSM we have created Data Listings, which allows you to manage your content quickly and easily without having to create pages.

With our Data Listings you can dynamically create new listings, forms, projects, team bio's, job postings, etc without any programming knowledge.



Your Content, Your Way, Quickly

From Job Postings to Building Projects, Data Listings can dynamically build content on your website with the click of a button.

Say you are a general contractor and have a large number of projects to display on your website. VSM's Data Listings allows you to quickly add new projects to the website without having to create a page or mess with any code. Simply add the listing details into our system and hit save. The project is automatically added to the website under the correct location with the correct layout.

Job Postings, HR Listings, Team Pages..

These are all content that can be dynamically driven and managed within VSM. If you have a new job posting there is no need to edit a webpage or add it to the current page, with our system you just enter the details and it's live.

Have a new member of your business team? Simply add their details, select the image you want to use for them, and drag/drop their listing in the order you want it. Your customers will now see the new team member on the website.



Programmed Functionality Without the Programmer

Data Listings gives you the ability to place structured dynamic content on your website with an easy to use interface. We have built this system from the ground up so people who can use a text editor can use our Data Listings.