Custom Web-Based Software for Your Business

Efinitytech offers custom software development that will transform your business and enable you to operate in an efficient and cost effective manner. We have serviced many SMB companies with software development needs including asset tracking, debt collection, online education, and most significantly our very own content management system; Efinity CMS. supporting over 500 clients since 2004.

Efinitytech has been and continues to specialize in custom software development since the company was founded in 1998! Below, are the most notable examples of such systems. Essentially, all of our systems are web based and built upon SQL Databases which we typically host along with the software and website. Most often, the custom software reports out to our clients or their clients via our client's website. This strategy provides exceptional ease of use and enables us to offer direct, often real time support for our clients!

Custom Software Portfolio

Job Matching System & Website

In the earliest days of the company, Mark and a small team of programmers at Efinitytech developed a web based Job Matching system whereby Companies posted jobs with specific requirements and applicants posted their credentials. The system ran a matching algorithm overnight and notified the parties the next morning. This system was used by GE and other companies. When the "dot bomb" crash descended the investors abandoned the project.

Online Real Estate Transaction System

In 2003, this author hired Efinitytech to design, develop and host a website and accompanying software to facilitate the direct Offer and Sale of a certain class of real estate properties known as "REO" (Real Estate Owned) such property typically owned by Banks. The system directly interfaced with EBay's then real estate arm, synchronizing every night with EBay's systems to post, accept, transmit and complete the offer and acceptance of the real estate transaction. Successful transactions were conducted prior to EBay declining to continue to support our endeavor, which led to the dissolution of the venture.


Website Content Management System

The largest, most successful and most enduring active custom software ever developed by Efinitytech is VSMTools; our own Website CMS, (Content Management System). This system has supported well over 500 clients since 2004 with the vast majority of those clients continuing to use the system today! EfinityCMS as it is also known, continues to be developed, enhanced and supported on a daily basis to meet the ongoing needs of our clients and the web which are essentially never ending and continuously evolving. Fully integrated functional systems that we have developed to extend the basic functionality include: Blog, Newsletter, Ecommerce, as well as Calendar, Image Galleries, and more! VSM enables us to readily design and develop sites for our clients with virtually any functionality they desire. And significantly as with all of our software it is completely developed and supported in house.


Debt Collection Tracking & Reporting System

A debt and customer tracking system for the debt collection industry. We developed this system from scratch. The functionality is extensive and highly integrated, including, complete work flow and desk assignment of jobs legal actions and status, financial calculations, letter generating, direct reporting to clients through our client's website and extraordinary data importing and mapping. We were told by our client that we not only helped them manage their workflow and employees more readily; we also saved our client a full day of weekend work per month!

Electrical CEU

Online Courses, Testing & Reporting Software for Electricians

This extraordinary system allows electricians in select accredited states to complete their ongoing Licensing Requirements on line! The system uses a randomizing protocol to select questions and presents the user with tests having various testing requirements depending upon the state including timed testing. The user pays for their tests when completed and the reporting is semi automated to facilitate submission to the State, each of which has differing results submission protocols.

Pharma's Almanac

Pharmaceutical Marketing Information Data System

This work took extensive Market Research Data from our Client and stored it in an SQL database, which could be accessed by paying clients. The complexity and extent of the Data is extraordinary. The websites provided the Market Research in an easy to consume format.

International Field Services

Job Assignment, Tracking & Reporting

This system enables ease of input of client requests, which in this particular application are very time sensitive. The jobs must then be assigned to geographically based field agents, the selection of which is facilitated by a map based service area for each agent. The jobs are then aggregated by Client, Field Agent and Time to completion and displayed on a color coded display with due or overdue jobs highlighted for action. Reports of jobs by client and by agent on performance and results are automatically generated periodically and can be generated on demand. This system is our most recent Custom Software Solution and helps our client grow and handle greater volume of requests and clients without greatly increasing staff and administrative resources.

This is a Note from our client, Brett Metcalfe,

Hi Mark & Efinitytech Team,

I thought I’d let you know that the new system has far exceeded my expectations with regard to the reduction in time spent processing the accounts and reports we receive as well as the corresponding reduction in staffing needs.  I originally anticipated a 30%-40% time savings.  However, the new system has exceeded that significantly.  We are currently, two weeks after rolling it out full-scale, realizing about a 60% time-savings.  With a few minor tweaks to the system we will be experiencing a 70-75% reduction in processing time.  As you likely know, that is huge for any business, big or small.  I have to pass along  a hearty “well done” to all who worked on the system.  Thanks for the great effort on this and an incredible system!


Brett Metcalfe, Owner International Field Services