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This was one of our very oldest sites!

It was nearly 15 years ago in December of 2005 that we started this project. In those days, there was no such thing as a smart phone! Of course the site was not mobile responsive, the images were tiny, low resolution and completely unsuitable for a modern screen or device. The design was very dated in style. Both the design and content had not been updated for 15 years!!! The list goes on...  Then, about 2 years ago the next generation of the Johnson's, Jaret, said he wanted to update the site. In the intervening months, Jaret commissioned an updated logo and was ready to start work. While we are still waiting for some enhancements to the content; we are nonetheless extremely pleased with the new site and so is Jaret!

It goes without saying that the new site is dramatic, vibrant, mobile responsive and makes a great impression!


  • Custom Design
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Custom Data Listings
  • Content Management (efinityCMS)

In Their Words

Jaret liked the new design so much he had us go live with it before he had even finished his content work! The fit with his new logo is a real plus and we like the site so much that we are putting it in our portfolio, our blog and in our newsletter!