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The entire site has been redesigned and the content redeveloped, especially the Portfolio. 

The new portfolio is appealing and highly functional. Each logo links to display the project. Previously projects were “plain” pages, now they are structured pages, providing consistent display, ease of management and better visitor experience. 

With redirects in place, all search indexes and links successfully bring up new project displays. This preserves the SEO value of each project and the site as a whole!

It is our good fortune to be working with Sanitech since 2006! This outstanding redesign and redevelopment is the result of the efforts of Aaron, Mark, Peter and the folks at Sanitech!


  • Custom Design
  • Custom Development
  • Blog
  • SEO/SEM Optimization
  • Newsletter
  • Custom Data Listings
  • Content Management (efinityCMS)

In Their Words

“The team at Efinity were great to work with throughout the entire redesign of our website. They really understood what we were looking for in updating the website to bring it more inline with our branding. From the initial concept meetings forward they took all of our input, ideas and changes and just ran with them culminating in a website we couldn't be happier with. The final design they have given us is a much more updated and modern canvas to really showcase all of our machines and projects going forward”

Dylon Craig
Engineering Manager
Sanitech Systems, Inc.

The team at Efinity Tech is a pleasure to work with. They transformed our website and made it easy to navigate and made it look great!

Thank you,
Alison Fairbanks
Website Administrator