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The Outstanding QBR Book Review!

We are ecstatic about the complete revamp of QBR! Max Rodriquez, owner and our client for over 15 years, has made a dramatic and powerful advancement of QBR by plunging headlong into Video! The revitalized QBR is replete with Video Book Reviews, fascinating Author Interviews and much more!

Engaging, high quality videos are prominent throughout the site. Moreover, the site received a complete design overhaul in preparation for the new site reveal on November 1, 2018. The unveiling was promoted via his Efinitytech Newsletter 2.0 release to his 11,000 subscribers. The re-energized site is absolutely fantastic!

The site is an exceptional work inspired by Max and designed by Aaron McBroom.


  • Custom Design
  • Custom Development
  • Blog
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Newsletter
  • Custom Data Listings
  • Content Management (efinityCMS)
  • Custom Logo Design

In Their Words

In Max's Words:

"The difference between Efinitytech and Coca-Cola is that Efinitytech shares its secrets!

When I decided to enhance my site visitor experience with high-quality video messaging, the team at Efinity knew exactly how to match the quality of the website to the quality of the videos produced by the QBR Team.

Vaughan, Aaron, and the Efinitytech team have literally transformed my site from an emotionally-static, informational website (read: book reviews) to a gorgeous, emotive, and visually-engaging cine-site that delivers an experience of books, authors, and events.

Beyond "my idea" for the work at hand, the Efinitytech team contributed its own vision for the site's enhancement, balanced with a deep expertise in technology, best audience-development and response practices, and frankly, the art of their work. QBR is a gold standard in the delivery of published books and author discussions; Efinitytech's expertise and personalized interest in my business goals have helped us set a very high competitive bar.

I can't count on Coke's formula for success but I can certainly rely on Efinitytech to position my site for its best return."

Max Rodriguez, Founder & Publisher, QBR/The Black Book Review & The Harlem Book Fair, NY, NY.