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Pando Consulting Group

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Eric Terry & Bennett Lebowitz Pando are the founders of the Pando Consulting Group. The focus of this new consultancy is business growth and exit planning. Eric and Bennett bring over 30 years combined experience to this exciting venture!


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In Their Words

Just a quick note to share with you my new company webpage!! Big thanks to Vaughan and his team for helping with this special magic. It's a lot of work, but they have been great to work with and are very informative and instructive throughout the process. To Efinity and beyond!

Here's the link:

I know you've known me as the owner of Horizon Business Transitions, but officially this year I'm working together with a partner under Pando Consulting Group. My name was good, but his was just better! If you want to know why, check out "The Pando Story" under "About". ??

I'd love your feedback and thoughts! Thanks for your support!

Eric Terry
COO/Consultant of Pando Consulting Group