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It is our great pleasure to present this stunning redesign of the Dramatic Artists Website, thanks to the brilliant work of Aaron McBroom!  The new website design is coupled with a complete revamp of the highly functional Database of Talent with a significantly enhanced Talent Attribute system, thanks to Mark DeLong & Connor Low! The public side of the site displays selected news and information for public consumption and serves as the gateway for productions to log in, search and view the array of "Talent" that meet their search criteria.

With the advent of Covid, most casting decisions are made over the web! This new version of the site and Talent Database enables hopeful and successful talent to create and upload searchable profiles, including their experience and resume, along with roles and types of characters they can portray, videos and skills they may have, such as foreign languages, horseback riding, sports, and many other crucial attributes that a production may wish to find.

The project includes administrative tools, enabling site owners control over log ins for productions and acceptance and management of Talent profiles.


  • Custom Design
  • Custom Development
  • Blog
  • User Login
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Newsletter
  • Custom Data Listings
  • Content Management (efinityCMS)

In Their Words

In their words:

"We are going to be the envy of our industry peers!  The process of designing and building our Dramatic Artists Agency website with Efinity has been a delight, Mark, Vaughan, Aaron and Connor have been a dream team. Their cutting edge technology and sharp awareness of business branding helped us to create a unique and completely functional Internet "Face" for our company.  We can hardly wait to start using all the efficient website tools they created for us to better serve our clients and prospective clients! "

Carlyne Grager, Toni Posey & Joell Grager

Additional Feedback from their Clients!

"Our newest business associate is an Oscar winning special effects company .  You can only imagine how flattered we were when the CEO/Founder of the company complimented our new website! He stated that it looks great, but is very functional (They can certainly understand and appreciate a visually effective and high tech functioning website).  We told him he was only seeing half the amazing functions since much of the new design serves our private and confidential administrative purposes."