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Bob & Lynn Knight, The Inventors & Founders Are Back!
And So Is Their
Newly Updated Website!

We are very happy to be working with Bob & Lynn again on their newly revamped website! Now featuring Wooden End Cap Classic Find It Games along with a limited edition, signed version. In addition, favorite Find It Games such as Find It at the Beach, Find It Kids and more new games coming soon.


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  • Custom Development
  • eCommerce
  • Mobile Responsive
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In Their Words

Many thanks for a job well done on our new /revised website which launched last month... We are very pleased with the number of hits and clicks visitors are doing while visiting our updated website.

When we started working with Vaughan and team in 2008, we were more than pleased with the website they built for our toy and game manufacturing company ( With their help and expertise our online presence grew significantly, reaching thousands of unique visitors monthly from across the globe. After we licensed manufacturing rights between 2013 to 2018 to an outside company the website activity and attention to detail suffered without the input and expertise from Efinity.  We are excited to have taken it back and re-launching our Find It® brand. We look forward to exceeding our goals and expectations with the help of Vaughn and the team at Efinity. The functionality and detail of the new robust website has been very well received.  It has a current up-to-date look and feel. They created “fun” to go along with our phrase “Spin It, Twist It, Shake It, It’s Fun!”  Perfect for a game company!  Working with the team at Efinity has been most professional and helpful, especially to us non-techy people. It is our pleasure to work with you.

Bob & Lynn Knight, founders