Blog: VSM Tutorials

Viewing Form Submissions in VSM

1.29.2018 /
While form submissions from your website are sent to your email, it can be nice to view all of them in one place as well. VSM allows you to view all of your form submissions in one convenient location... Read More

Managing a Blog in VSM

4.29.2016 /
Blogging is a great way to keep people coming to your website. Not only is it good for SEO (your ranking on Google and other search engines), visitors also like to see that a website is... Read More

Adding Images to Your Blog Post

3.28.2016 / Support, All
Adding images to your blog is easy, but there are three ways to do it. This post will show you those three ways. Read More

Using Anchors to Link to Part of a Page

3.25.2016 /
If you find yourself ever needing to link to a specific part of a page (for example, if your page is long and you want to jump to a specific part of it), you can follow this tutorial. Read More

How to Set Up Disqus for Your Blog

2.11.2016 /
Comments are a great way to engage the user after reading a post on your blog. All VSM blogs come with support for Disqus comments. Disqus is a free service for enabling comments on your blog, allowin... Read More

How to Add a YouTube or Vimeo Video to a Page

11.6.2015 / Support, All
Adding a video to a page can greatly improve the time that a user spends on that page. To add a video in VSM, you will first need the embed code for that video. Read More

Resizing Images in VSM

10.14.2015 / Support, All
Finding the correct size for an image can sometimes be difficult, but this tutorial will give you the low-down on finding the perfect size. Read More