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Another WordPress Hack Rescue!

By Efinitytech / 11.1.2018 / Case Studies
Our Website clients; Glenn Gregory and LaShaun Bellamy of, called us in late September with an emergency. An older WordPress site of theirs;, was hacked and u... Read More

Aerospace Startup:!

By Vaughan Seifert / 11.1.2018 / Website Launch
We love working with startups! Naomi Kyle, the principal of Blue Heron Tech was referred to us by a good friend who works in the Aerospace Industry! The site is a beautiful work inspired by Naomi and... Read More

Changes at Efinitytech!

By Efinitytech / 10.8.2018 /
The only constant is change! With mixed emotions we announce the departure of Rich Greenfield. Rich accepted an offer he could not refuse at our local tech giant, Microsoft! We wish him well and miss ... Read More

SEO/SEM's Big Impact on Northwest Outdoor Lighting's Business!

By Vaughan Seifert / 10.8.2018 / SEO
We first met Mary & Craig at the new members luncheon at Master Builders in Bellevue. Since then our relationship has grown extensively with Efinitytech revamping their website twice. We also work... Read More

Vibrant Junior Golf Charity Website!

By Vaughan Seifert / 10.7.2018 / Website Launch
A small confession about this client; Jeff Cornish, who once worked with Efinitytech is the founder of Grass Roots Junior Golf Charity, and I, Vaughan Seifert am the Board President. Nonetheless; we a... Read More

The All New U-40!

By Vaughan Seifert / 10.2.2018 / Website Launch
What is U-40? We had the same question. However, if you are in the Custom Fishing Rod Building Business; you probably know. Our good friend and client, Dan Metcalf commissioned a new website for his u... Read More

Domains! What's old is new again!

By Vaughan Seifert / 10.2.2018 / SEO
Most of you have had your domains for some time. More recently; and in reality for quite a long time now, with new or existing ventures, procuring that great, "just right" domain name has proven to be... Read More

Sarvey Wildlife

By Vaughan Seifert / 10.2.2018 / Website Launch
This year, Suzanne West reached out to us for a fresh and compelling design presentation as well as adding ecommerce to the site. We took Suzanne's direction and created a new and exciting look. Addit... Read More

Newsletters 2.0!

Due to the combination of client demand and our relentless program of continuous improvement; we have dramatically enhanced Efinitytech's fully integrated Newsletter System. Every aspect of our Newsle... Read More

Blair Mus Group

By Vaughan Seifert / 10.2.2018 / Website Launch
Having seen our work for leading Realtors in Bellevue and the Eastside; Blair Mus approached Efinitytech to provide a strong web presence and branding for his Real Estate business. We are very please... Read More

ABC Membership Directory

By Vaughan Seifert / 6.21.2018 / Case Studies
In Their Words: "ABC of Western Washington worked with Efinitytech and their team to develop an online membership directory. We had specific requests and the team at Efinitytech worked closely wi... Read More

Featuring: A Brand New Venue for Weddings, Corporate Events & Parties

By Vaughan Seifert / 5.31.2018 /
Featuring: A Brand New Venue for Weddings, Corporate Events & Parties  Are you looking for an exciting and beautiful new venue for your Wedding, Corporate Event or Party... Read More

If You Hadn't Noticed... We Have an All New!

By Vaughan Seifert / 5.15.2018 /
If You Hadn't Noticed... We Have an All New!!!  We are exceedingly pleased to announce our own exciting new website design! "We could not be more pleased with our new web... Read More

Announcing: - Temporary Nursing Service Booking Site!

By Vaughan Seifert / 4.1.2018 /
Announcing: -  Temporary Nursing Service Booking Site! LaShaun Bellamy and Glenn Gregory contacted us after finding our services on The site helps clients: "Conven... Read More

Redesigned & Enhanced!

By Vaughan Seifert / 3.1.2018 /
Redesigned & Enhanced! Among our most enduring client relationships is Corstone Contractors. Theirs is #4 on our list of Efinitytech's Content Managed sites; which currently sta... Read More

Efinitytech: 20 Years of Web Development!

By Vaughan Seifert / 2.1.2018 /
Efinitytech: 20 Years of Web Development! We are proud to announce that 2018 marks our 20th year in business!  Four of our key employees have worked together for over 12 years! We are ext... Read More