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Another Threat: Text Phishing!

2.2.2020 / Support

In case you are not familiar; Phishing is an email or message disguised to look legitimate, with an attachment, or link, if opened, will subject you to Ransomware, or hack into your passwords or destroy your computer, or empty your bank account, or steal your identity or send a phishing email to all your contacts that is actually from you. Or worse!

Very sophisticated and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS Phishing attacks are found in email every day! 

Text PhishingJust this morning, 1/31/2020, I received this Text; purporting to be a Notice of package delivery from Amazon. The big "tell" was "Hello mate". Being familiar with Amazon package delivery text notifications, I snapped this screenshot and proceeded to block the sender. Whatever you do, do not click on anything suspicious that shows up in an email or text message! The URL in this message is certain to contain malware! Whatever you do, do not try to visit it. The image is not linked.

 A new, free service at Abuse.ch can help! Abuse.ch is a Swiss based non-profit specializing in malware and cyber crime tracking services, their new service named "I Got Phished" will check its database of known phishing operations and will alert your company IT if a known phishing email is detected. Again, this article reported by ZDNet.com. A very good resource for such matters.