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The Baldwin Legal Group!

1.13.2020 / Website Launch

Announcing: The Baldwin Legal Group!

The Baldwins contacted us this past Fall. They needed a complete website redesign. They also wanted a new domain.


We are very excited to be working with Chet and Tessa on their completely revamped website!

A brainstorm from Aaron gave us thebaldwinlegalgroup.com for their new domain! Previously www.olyblg.com, while short, was confusing. It left us scratching our heads until we figured out it was a combination of shorthand for Olympia and an acronym for their practice; "Baldwin Legal Group". While their new domain is longer, it is very recognizable and has better branding.

Shortly after we started work on the site, the Baldwins contacted us with a request/situation they encountered. The Legal Marketing Service Avvo, to which they had subscribed, was initiating a campaign for the Baldwins within just a few short weeks! With a new design and a new domain, we knew that going live in time was crucial to that marketing campaign. Thankfully, we had the design well underway and approved, and then Aaron pulled out the stops and completed the rebuild, development and reorganization of the site in a week. Thereby setting up the Baldwins and their new site in time for the Marketing campaign!

The Baldwins, while tremendously busy; managed these kind words of appreciation!


That is amazing and I am excited.  Thank you and your team for all of your help with this. 

Chester & Tessa Baldwin
The Baldwin Legal Group