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Video brings your website to life!

10.30.2019 / SEO

Video! Powerful, Persuasive, Effective & Compelling!    

We are extremely pleased to present Sharon Stuart; CEO of BedVoyage and Howard Hale, Founder & Principal of Manifesgo!

Sharon is a longtime client and Howard is a videographer who works with both BedVoyage and Northwest Outdoor Lighting, two of our very successful clients!

To demonstrate the value of Video, Howard and Sharon have graciously prepared this video to display the power of video for your website.

We are honored to work with Sharon and Howard. We recommend and endorse BedVoyage Products and encourage you to contact Howard to put together a quality Video for your website! You can find the excellent BedVoyage Bamboo Fabric Linens on their website BedVoyage.com and you are most welcome to contact Howard directly on Manifesgo.com for your video needs.