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1.26.2023 / Website Launch, All

The New Tempest Technologies Website!

We are extremely pleased to announce this website collaboration with our favorite outside designer, Shayna Mcdonnell-Sitterud.

Tempest 1

Shayna is a talented designer who works with companies to prepare their branding, websites, and content. A very demanding job, as we are well aware!

We have been Shayna's go to developers due in significant part to our superior CMS and website development process! Of course, being responsive and timely and good to work with goes a long way. From our perspective, Shayna is great to work with, has reasonable expectations, is flexible, appreciates and utilizes our expertise and input to provide a superior product and service for the client!

In a number of website presentations Shayna has explained to the client her strong preference working with Efinitytech and our live development platform, VSMTools, which enables real time modification of various aspects of the website often including design modifications on the fly!

We would love to work with you to design and develop a superior website for your enterprise! Please feel free to Contact Us to start the conversation!