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Congratulations To Cepher Publishing On Their App!

6.15.2016 / Website Launch, All

We are exceptionally pleased to announce the launch of the Cepher's Mobile App!

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 Cepher on the App Store   Cepher App on Iphone

The Cepher App is available on the Apple Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Marketplace.

Within the first few days of launch the app is among the top Grossing Paid Apps in its category!

The Cepher App is developed and supported completely in-house by Efinitytech. 


The Cepher App affords convenient, portable access to this significant work off or online.

The search, note taking and highlighting capabilities are very useful and save your book!

These features make it an ideal stand alone product or companion to their print version.

In their words:

"We are so pleased with the development of our Cepher App from Efinity Technologies.  We elected to use this group because of our success with their development of our website, and because of their incredible personalized service.  They were diligent and attentive, and found solutions to problems we did not anticipate. In addition, they were very responsive to our items of concern and made all recommended changes promptly. 

With any new launch in digital technology, it is so important to deliver a well-built product that can weather the fast-breaking world of new devices and platforms.  Efinity Technologies was able to navigate all of these areas to deliver to us the Cepher App with its tremendous capability.  For the first time, all of the 87 books of the Eth Cepher can be searched and easily explored.  And the App even includes our new Lexicon!  Efinity Technologies has provided us with a remarkable delivery.  Bravo!"

Why a Mobile App?

Would your customers or clients benefit from features not possible on a website?

Would you like to provide or sell access to significant information and functionality to your customers on their mobile devices? These and other factors may warrant the development of a Mobile App.

See Our Mobile App Guide, to gain insight on whether an App is right for you. 

Contact Efinitytech or call 360.805.8483 to explore your interest in an App; we are ready to talk with you regarding the development of a Mobile App for your business!


VAP Construction Launch and early success!

Please join us in congratulating VAP Construction on their new website!


Custom Website Design


VSM Content Management

In their words:

"We love the new website! It's beautiful and much more user-friendly. We have a higher rate of steady traffic and a heightened sense of customer attraction to our brand. We can't express enough, how grateful we are to Efinity Technologies for saving our web presence after a horrible hacking incident with our previous provider - then pulling together a wonderful comprehensive website."

See more of our portfolio at: www.efinitytech.com
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