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Website Owners Can Be Sued for ADA Non Compliance!

12.10.2021 / Case Studies, All

The "Case" for Website Accessibility...

Why Website Owners Need ADA Compliance & Protection

ADA regulations became federal law on July 26 1990, and as of 2012, Title III has been interpreted to apply to websites. The Law allows for fines of $75,000 for the first violation and $150,000 for additional violations. Since 2012, lawsuits have been filed against website owners, (the landmark case being against Seattle public schools) for violating the ADA Accessibility regulations; costing them approximately, $665,000 to $815,000 to meet the settlement.

You may be targeted by a law firm looking to squeeze you for a settlement of tens of thousands or worse! A comprehensive article by Search Engine Land gives extensive perspective specific cases.

What Are Your Options?

1. Do Nothing... Risk Costly Lawsuits and/or fines. And does nothing to make your site more accessible.

2. Put a disclaimer on your site. This offers modest, at best uncertain mitigation from lawsuits. And does nothing to make your site more accessible.

3. Have Efinitytech run a compliance check and address flagrant issues. And add a genuine statement/disclaimer on your site. This is expensive and not a one time fix, it will will have to be repeated as often as once or twice per year. And it does not provide legal protection

4. Have Efinitytech install a utility* that provides reasonable accommodation and legal protection! Contact efinitytech for details. This is durable and the legal protection is legitimate insurance and representation!

*Moderate size websites incur a $50 Monthly Fee for this service. This utility provides accommodation for the visitor enabling a myriad of adjustments of colors, contrast, and sizes enabling the most reasonable accommodation for their impairment possible. And perhaps even more importantly, this utility comes with a Legal Warranty! Legal representation will be provided to you should you be sued with their utility in place.

See it in Action

To see the utility in action, visit our site and click on the "wheelchair" icon in the bottom lower right hand side of our site to see the features.

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Contact Efinitytech for details.