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MOSHOBOGA - The Ultimate Personal Movie Rating Website!

8.11.2021 / Website Launch, All


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MOSHOBOGA Website Design by Efinitytech Seattle

Find Movies You & Friends Will Like!It was June 10th, 2020 when we first heard from Kyle. Mark took the phone call and said I should follow up to see what the project might look like. By June 16 we were looking at Kyle's storyboard for the Website. In the 13 months since we have been highly engaged in developing this extraordinary website.

The site is an incredible work; with our genius client driving us to fulfill his vision for a superior Movie Rating, Review & Recommendations Website. The essential feature of this unique site being matching profile preferences of users, thus enabling visitors to find movies that match their preferences based upon reviews and recommendations from users with similar preferences. And; perhaps even more amazingly, Mashup with other friend(s) to find movies that you will all enjoy!

To experience this genuinely superior website and it's valuable benefits; go to www.moshoboga.com, create a profile, rate an initial set of 15 movies, find and follow other users with similar preferences to yours, search and review movies, and be rewarded with a set of movie recommendations! Then, create a Mashup with a friend and find movies that you both will like. And, rate and review hundreds of movies to enhance your profile. It is fun!

In Kyle's Words;

“I cold-called developers in Seattle and was met with apathy until I was lucky enough to find Efinity. In this initial launch, Moshoboga offers features never seen before, made better through continuous discussion with Efinity’s team of skilled developers. A movie site made by people who are movie lovers too, with everyday users as the top priority. I’m very happy to now share Moshoboga with my friends and family.”

Kyle Franklin, MOSHOBOGA
Founder, CEO, Inventor & Architect