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Announcing Efinity Woodworks! A New Venture

2.18.2021 / Website Launch

Efinity Woodworks is a joint venture between Efinitytech and Matt Hooker, producing custom furniture and mobile lumber sawing services.

Efinity Woodworks is born out of a significant "hobby" that Mark has engaged in and enjoyed since 2013! His primary customers have been his family! He has built a significant amount of the furniture in his home, including; bunk beds, bookcases, desks, bureaus, a master bedroom set including king size bed and more!

More recently Mark is producing high-quality hand built custom wood furniture for a limited number of clients, including this author! The hard to name item Mark hand built for my wife and me is a combination shelf-storage bench that is beautiful and remarkable for it's usefulness and quality of build. It is an heirloom that we use every day and is prominently located in our Master Bedroom.