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IMPACT WASHINGTON: Incredible Website Success!

2.15.2021 / SEO, Case Studies

One Year Later!

We are thrilled to report these extraordinary results! 

1. Doubled Website Traffic! 2020 vs 2019, 10 Month comparison.

2. Tripled Lead Generation! In the same period.

The combined efforts of Efinitytech's entire team & Carol Blayden of Impact Washington have produced these incredible results!

Every one of us at Efinitytech worked tirelessly to help in this effort. We strategically accelerated the launch just as the Governor took his first executive actions in response to the Covid Pandemic. This strategy proved very effective, although stressful and demanding for all of us, and it was especially so for Carol. Now, a year later, we continue to work effectively together, thankfully under much less stress, to continue the success of the Impact Washington website!

Impact Washington and the website use an extensive array of our services and infrastructure which contribute to and help enable this success.

Efinitytech provides SEO & SEM which significantly support this success. Notably, Efinity supports an effective Google Grant, which currently generates over $3,000 per month in Ad Spend.

The clean and bright design and easy to navigate menus are instrumental in ease of use and visitor satisfaction.

Our lightweight coding and industry-leading page loading speed further contribute to the visitor experience.

The Efinitytech CMS, EfinityCMS, aka VSMTools, provides ease of updating, and direct support for using every aspect of the site, including; Integrated Blog, Integrated: Newsletter, Navigation Management, Project Directory, SalesForce Connectivity, an extensive Manufacturer's Directory, the Team Directory, and of course, Page creation and updating