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Baxter Legal SEO Success

9.24.2020 / SEO, All

You may have seen that just over a month ago, in mid August, we launched the completely redesigned and redeveloped Baxter Legal Services website. 

During the development process we gave Anthony our complimentary SEO consultation, which is part of every website we produce.

Most clients listen, but do not fully engage in the Website SEO process. However, Anthony being a diligent client, seriously interested in his website's effectiveness, has been very responsive to our direction. As a result, his site has begun to generate leads and clients!

in fact, he mentioned that had received several calls. Naturally, I asked if he would give us a quick update and am ecstatic to share his success, below!

Anthony reports;

"Efinitytech helped me optimize the SEO options for my website. This means not only more visibility on google, but better quality results for both the customer and the business owner.  

Just last week I received 4 calls from clients who had never heard of me before and 3 of them engaged my services. Results like these make for an excellent ROI for any business owner. Thank you efinitytech!"

And... This Just In!

This past Friday, Sept 25th, I received 3 more calls from Google Searches! With 2 of them signing up for Legal Services!!!