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Aquaseal SEO Success

9.22.2020 / SEO


Our great friend and client Dan Metcalf is the co-owner of Aquaseal, a long-established company and product line that we used hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in the 1980's! Well over thirty years before we met!

Currently, Efinitytech is proud to have redesigned an effective eCommerce website for Dan and more recently it is our great pleasure to support their website marketing efforts with our SEO services! The most recent expression of our services is a purposeful redesign to better promote their products for SEO and to enhance sales!

Dan was kind enough to send us this glowing testimonial in light of the recent work and results. We are thrilled to see this result!

"A third party designer initially designed our website, www.aquaseal.com .  It looked great but it became apparent later it did not provide enough resources to attract much attention. It is one thing to have a great looking website and quite another to have one high up on Google’s search list.  To have both, of course, is best. 

We make waterproofing, conditioning and cleaning products for leather work boots, hiking boots, hunting boots, golf shoes, casual shoes, leather purses and so on.  Our name brand is “AQUASEAL”.  The products are packaged in 4oz and 8oz containers and sold to retail outlets such as work clothing, outdoor sports gear, western apparel, shoe stores, and shoe repair shops. 

Our initial website design had a nice slide show of photos showing people working, hunting, and hiking.  However, it did not provide a vivid instant message of “leather boot waterproofing”.  When we signed up with Efinity Tech for SEO the first thing they suggested was a home page photo that communicated exactly what we make.  Our new photo does just that.  Check it out, www.aquaseal.com .

Then we tackled word phrases used throughout the website.  For example:

“How to waterproof leather boots” would seem like the perfect search phrase to copy to our website.  However, “Leather Cleaner”, “Leather Conditioner”, “leather boot conditioner” and “leather boot care”, respectively, are search phrases used considerably more often. 

In addition, Efinity strongly advised, or rather insisted, we write helpful informative articles on “How-to” use AQUASEAL products since Google likes companies that provide ample information for its users.  Soon after we wrote and uploaded an article on “How to seal Birkenstock® cork sandals and others like it”.  Shortly after the article went live, we saw a spike in sales of “Cork Seal”, a product we make for that purpose."