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Announcing The New Snyder Gas Consulting Website!

8.5.2020 / Website Launch

We are proud to announce the complete redesign and enhancement of

Snyder Gas Consulting

It is our great fortune to have a wonderful network of clients and friends! This is a woman owned business by a very good friend of ours Marietta Snyder. Her husband Jim and she founded the company in 2011. Jim has well over 30 years experience in the Natural Gas field in the Northwest; having worked on and continuing to be the primary consultant and contractor for such clients as The University of Washington, and several municipalities! Jim has even worked on the Seattle Space Needle, which originally featured a very prominent natural gas flame at the top of the needle!

Their previous site was not secure and was not mobile, and did not adequately present the expertise of their company. We are extremely pleased to present this greatly improved and enhanced site for their excellent business.

We could not be more pleased to report their incredible, if short, feedback:

Although Jim is nearly impossible to pin down; :) Thankfully, Marietta gave us this report!

"Jim loves the site!"