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Governor Inslee Issues Stay At Home Order for Washington Residents

3.23.2020 /

Many News Agencies report this edict, including our local news station https://www.king5.com/article/news/local/what-essential-businesses-can-stay-open-in-washington-state/281-8dd6885a-15e0-4727-aa2c-971264ff5f37

The King 5 report and the official  Essential Critical Infrastructure declaration, which you may access direclty from the state website at: https://coronavirus.wa.gov/sites/default/files/2020-03/EssentialCriticalInfrastructureWorkers.pdf or from this local copy, which we are hosting for you access, will provide you with guidance to determine if your business and workers are "Essential" and therefore exempt from the Order and allowed to go to work!