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April 24-25 Server Move Complete!

5.1.2019 / Support

As of Thursday Morning April 25th; all Servers and Sites were successfully moved! The planning and execution of this monumental task is thanks to an incredible and herculean effort by Mark & Dylan, who started the physical move at 9:00pm, Pacific time, Wednesday night and completed the installation and restart of servers, sites and services some 15 hours later on or about Thursday morning at 6:00am. As of Thursday morning, virtually all sites were live, except for those that did not have their IP Addresses updated in their DNS settings.

As of Friday the 26th, all but three sites were back on line, (we talked with those site owners and they are making the update on or about May 1), and all services are back up and running!

Immediately upon restart of sites, we saw and continue to experience noticeable increases in site and page load speed across the board, due to our increased bandwidth at WOWRACK, our new and superior colocation provider! We look forward to seeing the additional benefit of our new HP Enterprise Data Storage Device in May!

Thank you Mark and Dylan for this exceptional effort and great result!

Finally, thanks especially to every one of our Clients who worked through this demanding change with us! We greatly appreciate your continued business and cooperation helping us through this move.