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Anouncing The All New NW Clinical Research Center Website!

4.18.2019 / SEO, Website Launch

Northwest Clinical Research Center conducts medically supported clinical studies of pharmaceuticals in many fields, including: Depression, Alzheimer's, Migraines, OCD, Parkinson's, Diabetes and more. Their website is a primary recruitment tool for study participants.

In March, Northwest Clinical Research reached out to us to redesign and redevelop their site. It had a dated design and fatal flaws in the hosting and WordPress infrastructure, both of which contributed to an intolerably slow and frustrating visitor experience. The pages took as long as 7 to 10 seconds to display, including a page loading indicator that inexplicably delayed the site in addition to the extremely poor hosting service, spinning for no apparent reason during an extensive wait before one could finally view a page of the site!

With what we considered a dire situation; Efinitytech proposed and undertook an urgent, short term redevelopment of the site. We completely rebuilt the infrastructure and hosted a virtual replica of the existing site, without the page loading delay, and gave it the benefit of our high end hosting building out a fully functioning facsimile of the site on our CMS platform, hosted on our servers within a week! This turnaround being largely due to the extraordinary Friday evening effort of Aaron, Nolan and Mark to complete the task! With the elimination of the detrimental page loading "spinner"; coupled with our vastly superior servers and hosting environment, the facsimile site loaded pages virtually immediately. An increase in speed of five to tenfold was achieved! The user experience went from terrible to very good overnight!

Incredibly; the site leads stayed the same or at slightly increased rates subsequent to the launch of the interim site despite the suspension of Google Adwords campaigns during this time! This fact bears testament to the critical impact of visitor experience on site performance and conversions; in particular site speed being a most important attribute, which Google uses a primary measure for search rank.

With the emergency resolved; we set about preparing a custom redesign and enhancement of the site.

Northwest Clinical Research Center was very responsive to our design presentation and within two weeks we had a design approval. The subsequent build out, review and launch was achieved as of April 19, some six short weeks after the start.

This "emergency" redevelopment, redesign and launch being one of the fastest projects in our history! Normally this would have taken at least 12 weeks. We are indebted to Dr. Khan, Dr. Schilling & the team at NWCRC for their attention and generous allocation of time to make this project a success! With the new site in place; we look forward to the SEO phase of the project to work with their Google Ads, and Organic development along with Optimization of the site with respect to Conversions.

In Dr. Khan's inimitable words;

"The Efinitytech group is a professional group, transparent, modest and get things done quickly and efficiently.  This is a refreshing change from website firms who tend to be on the dramatic side and filled with prima donnas."

Dr. Arif Khan, Founder & Principal Investigator, NW Clinical Research Center