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AFCO Performance Group: Three New Ecommerce Sites!


Not long ago, AFCO Performance Group of Boonville, Indiana, acquired a client of ours; Longacre Racing of Monroe WA. We worked with their transition team for several months and they became familiar with us and our ecommerce platform. Last year in May, after well over a year's experience running the Longacre Website on our platform, Kerri Hart, the Marketing Director for the AFCO Performance Group, contacted us with an unexpected request. Could we quote them for the separation of their three primary business categories into three independent ecommerce websites? Of course we were more than happy to oblige!

After the better part of a year, and the extraordinary effort managing over 8,000 products and three incredibly demanding, and involved website developments, we proudly launched all three sites on February 11, 2019!  To make things even more challenging and interesting, as a consequence of their legacy site housing all products for the three divisions; the 3 new sites had to go live all at once!

The massive undertaking was easily as much work for Kerri and her team at AFCO as it was for Efinitytech. The preparation of their products with customized options into organized chunks, which we wrote custom scripts to import, took them a good deal longer than anticipated! We worked extremely closely with Kerri to accomplish this massive feat! The inevitable flood of revisions were handled on a daily and often hourly basis. We could not ask for a better client!

In Kerri's Words:

We recently completed a launch for 3 new/updated websites with the team at Efinitytech.  This was a pretty large project, with ecommerce and many products involved.  The process was smooth and efficient. The 3 new websites function well and are a very nice improvement from where we were.  The best thing about working with Efinitytech is their customer service. Mark, Vaughan, and the entire team are great to work with. They are responsive to emails and get our questions answered. They are always willing to have a conversation and talk through an issue to find the best solution. I would highly recommend the Efinitytech team!

Kerri Hart, Marketing Director

AFCO Performance Group