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Why Not WordPress? ... ZDNet Says it Best!

3.4.2019 /

Once in a while, an article stops me dead in my tracks!

For me, the ZDNet Newsletter is a daily read. Today, March 5, 2019, is no exception. The second, or third article, depending on how you count, is titled,  'WordPress accounted for 90 percent of all hacked CMS sites in 2018'. This is not surprising to us; but for those of you contemplating platforms or CMS systems for your website, we could not give you a better reason to steer clear of WordPress.

With over 21 years designing and developing websites, Efinitytech has seen and resolved a significant number of client problems with WordPress hacks.

Efinitytech uses Microsoft Software which completely eliminates these hacks and as we back up every client site nightly, or more often, we are able to recover from virtually any hack.

We recommend you give the ZDNet Article a quick read! It is both authoritative and compelling. In fact, the exact quoted statistic is; "WordPress Accounts for Roughly 90% of all Hacked Content Management System Sites, (as investigated and fixed by Sucuri in 2018).