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International Field Services Software System Projected to Save 75% Processing Time!

1.23.2019 / Case Studies
International Field Services

Job Assignment, Tracking & Reporting Software:

This Custom Software enables ease of input of client requests, which in this particular application are very time sensitive. The jobs must then be assigned to geographically based field agents, the selection of which is facilitated by a map based service area for each agent. The jobs are then aggregated by Client, Field Agent and Time to completion and displayed on a color coded display with due or overdue jobs highlighted for action. Reports of jobs by client and by agent on performance and results are automatically generated periodically and can be generated on demand. This system is our most recent Custom Software Solution and helps our client grow and handle greater volume of requests and clients without greatly increasing staff and administrative resources.

This Note from our client; Brett Metcalfe, just arrived this morning; 1/23/2019

Hi Mark & Efinitytech Team,

I thought I’d let you know that the new system has far exceeded my expectations with regard to the reduction in time spent processing the accounts and reports we receive as well as the corresponding reduction in staffing needs.  I originally anticipated a 30%-40% time savings.  However, the new system has exceeded that significantly.  We are currently, two weeks after rolling it out full-scale, realizing about a 60% time-savings.  With a few minor tweaks to the system we will be experiencing a 70-75% reduction in processing time.  As you likely know, that is huge for any business, big or small.  I have to pass along  a hearty “well done” to all who worked on the system.  Thanks for the great effort on this and an incredible system!


Brett Metcalfe, Owner International Field Services