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QBR Book Giveaway Drawing Launch

12.11.2018 / Case Studies

Dec 11 Update: Less than 1 month after the exciting release of the video enhanced QBRBookReview; (In addition to and prior to the yet to be complete database enhancement for the new video sections of QBR); Max contacted us to inquire how could he operate a weekly book giveaway contest/drawing through his website.

Within a week we devised and implemented a Phase I strategy, whereby a specific Newsletter Group was created, to which site visitors may subscribe, via a custom signup/entry page. From this subscriber group Max will "draw" a winner on a weekly basis.

To meet Max's objectives to grow his Newsletter subscriber base, Efinitytech enhanced the newsletter group membership management function, such that once the "drawing" is complete, these group members can be moved out of this group with a single click into the general subscribers, such that the contest drawing may proceed virtually immediately without interruption for next week's drawing!

The Phase I method involves a short sequence of steps to be performed by Max at the appointed drawing time to export his contest entries, pick the winner and stage the cut-over to the next week.

Once the business needs warrant; we can enable this process to be facilitated with custom programming support so that it is more fully automated and can be carried out on a predefined schedule. Tomorrow; Dec 12 at 5:00pm Eastern, Max will conduct his first drawing and renew the contest for next week.

To enter the drawing; visit the link below and provide your Name and Email!