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Newsletter 2.0 Trend Reporting

11.9.2018 /

Newsletters 2.0 Continued...

Newsletter Performance Trends Reporting: 
Last year we announced our greatly enhanced Newsletter 2.0 system with improvements in every aspect. Beyond the upgrade of the template infrastructure, multiple virtual mail servers and greatly expanded capabilities, is a remarkable new reporting feature. Below is a snapshot of Efinitytech's newsletter Trend report for the past 48 Newsletters!

This Feature is accessed only from the Newsletter Scheduling Page; to the right of the sent items. (Click on Report) (When logged into VSM, Efinitytech's CMS)
Note: Trend Data does not include the most recent Newsletter until the Next Day. Live Data is Viewable!

Newsletter2 0

This detailed and exceptional information enables you to compare the performance of your newsletters on three key measures over time at a glance! The Number of Recipients, Open Rate & Number of Opens, Click Rate & Number of Clicks!

This information is invaluable in assessing your Newsletter performance over time, compared to your other newsletters. In our case, except for a lost data set on 5/31/18, we can see very interesting high performing instances as in April of 2018, compared to other less successful results. This insight has enabled us to modify aspects of the Newsletter Send Dialogue to  to improve performance; which you can see in our two most recent sends of September and October 2018! Nonetheless, we still have work to do to equal the April high water mark!

Enhanced Individual Newsletter Information:

Newsletter 2 1

Here you can see an easy to comprehend graphical representation of key information about this particular newsletter, along with extremely detailed reports of the Send Log, Who Opened, Clicks by Recipient, Invalid Emails, Bounces and Opt outs! Each of these generate by clicking the specific link below the graph.